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Miraval Resorts & Spas Debuts Mindful Weddings


CHICAGO—Miraval Resorts & Spas, a global leader in wellness destinations, announces its first ever wellbeing wedding offering, the Miraval mindful wedding. Available to book beginning this fall at Miraval Berkshires, the Miraval mindful wedding is a multi-day, immersive experience customized to honor the couple’s intentions. This one-of-a-kind wedding journey includes a thoughtful wellbeing itinerary for the couple, experiential reconnection opportunities for their guests, and a ceremony and reception filled with mindful touch points. Couples and their wedding party will experience Miraval Berkshires’ signature wellness programs and spa services, culminating in a bespoke wedding celebration that opens the door to creating a life in balance together. Dedicated event planners will assist in designing a personalized, mindful wedding journey designed to equip the couple and their guests with the wellbeing tools to last a lifetime.

Through a customized wellness itinerary, each wedding’s focus is placed on the foundation of connection and communication. Through programming and support from a spiritual guide, each couple will learn how creating a wedding mirrors the process of composing a life together.

“Through the mindful offerings available as part of Miraval mindful weddings, couples are given tools focused on better understanding the dynamics of their relationship, making decisions together, mitigating conflict and practicing gratitude for each other,” said Rudi Bach, relationship guide and sound meditation practitioner at Miraval Berkshires. “Not only will couples leave with tools that can benefit their relationship in the long run, but with practical skills like breathing techniques to combat stressors on their wedding day. An example of one of the many unique offerings available to guests includes Relationship Imaging: Aura Photography.”

In the days leading up to the ceremony, couples can participate in a two-to-three-day immersion to set intentions and prepare for the emotions of the upcoming celebration so they can engage without distractions from their digital devices and social media. Couples can also work with a dedicated event planning team to craft an itinerary based on their intention as a couple, whether that be strengthening their connection and wellbeing, preparing to embark on a new life transition in a supportive environment, or simply living in the moment more mindfully.

Mindfulness is at the core of the Miraval brand and the brand’s motto is “life is better when in balance” which will guide the couples’ wedding journey.

Meditation, Forest-Bathing & More

After their immersion, couples can welcome loved ones with unburdened spirits, open hearts and clear minds. Miraval specialist-led programs help couples co-create a unique wellbeing wedding journey for the couple and their guests to bond, create memories, and have fun through challenge course activities, culinary workshops, meditation, forest-bathing, or outdoor adventures.

During the ceremony and reception, couples can use the mindfulness skills learned in their immersion including breath work, meditation, and gratitude practices as they join to celebrate and honor their union. After the ceremony and reception, the couple and their guests can extend their Miraval Berkshires stay and spend time reflecting on the wedding celebration and immersive wellbeing journey, synthesizing the mindful tools and practices they learned together. After a farewell group yoga or qigong session, the newlyweds can ring the Tibetan gong together, signifying the beginning of their life together, while giving a memorable sendoff to their guests. Couples may choose to further honor their union by extending their stay into the start of a honeymoon where they can relax, rejuvenate in the spa, and begin a new life in balance.

“Miraval Resorts have long been destinations for couples to reinforce meaningful connections and practice mindfulness as a pair, so we are thrilled to announce the first Miraval mindful wedding offering, an extended celebration filled with extraordinary experiences to launch your new life as a couple,” said Dina Fenili Niekamp, Associate Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Brand for Miraval Resorts. “It begins with your connection to each other, extends to your community, and culminates in a joyous celebration together.”

For further information, visit miravalberkshires.com/mindfulwedding.