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Milnor Introduces New Cabinet-Style Washer-Extractors


KENNER, LA.—Milnor has introduced a new line of cabinet-style washer-extractors with 20- and 40-lb. (9- and 18-kg) capacities. These machines are part of Milnor’s new MWR line and they offer durable construction and an easy-to-use control for washrooms of any size.

Both of these models have rugged structures and single-motor inverter drive systems. They feature the E-P OneTouch control with four pre-programmed formulas. These units also deliver three speeds (wash, distribution and extract) while many other cabinet models only provide two speeds.

These cabinet machines use water and fuel efficiently to minimize expenses. The machines also fit through standard 36-inch doorframes for easy installations.

For more information, go to www.milnor.com.