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Milliken Hospitality Launches Funkygraphic Carpet Collection


LAGRANGE, GA.—Characterized by originality and high fashion impulses, Funkygraphic is Milliken’s latest collection of state-of-the art carpet designs for hospitality interiors.

The European influenced designs of Funkygraphic divide into five color moods—Jungle Fever, Purple Haze, Color Spot, Duo Tone and Fade to Grey. Each color mood represents a collection of different designs coordinated to make creating innovative interiors simple. Designs represent a graphic retro style, spiced with oblique angles and original perspectives. With over 172 standard options, there is a mood for all environments.

Jungle Fever evokes a trendy ecological restaurant where an encounter between nature and culture takes place. With natural shades of brown and green blends and pops of red and turquoise, the mood is dynamic and energetic.

Purple Haze is inspired by the experience of a cinema where films from all genres are seen. Purple Haze is that dream state that is left long after the curtains close. The combination of violets and purples with chestnuts and avocados creates a serious, reflective mood.

Color Spot mirrors the beauty found in urban living where cultural and trendy combine in unique and fashionable ways. This color mood suggests a city with millions of people filled with contrasts.

More Options to Choose From

Duo Tone creates a stylish tone on tone color mood with patterns that are daring, yet minimalist. Combinations of red and pink are perceived as funky, not fatal.

Fade to Grey represents the background of life. A background not demanding attention, yet vibrating in the world of each person. It is neither trivial nor dull. It is a mix of warm chocolates and charcoal greys blended together in harmony.

The tufted, patterned, cut-pile broadloom carpets are constructed with Milliken WearOn Type 6,6 Nylon fibers and are available in 32, 36 and 42 ounces. StainSmart, Milliken’s new generation of stain and soil resistance technology, is a standard performance enhancement. StainSmart is applied during manufacturing, becoming an integral component of the carpet that ensures long-term appearance retention. AlphaSan also is incorporated for long-lasting antimicrobial protection. This protection inhibits odors caused by mold and mildew. ColorSeal bleach resistance and attached cushion pad are also available. The carpets carry a lifetime wear warranty.

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