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Milliken Contract Announces Earth Day Activities


LAGRANGE, GA.—Milliken Contract invites customers to renew the Earth by planting a tree in recognition of Earth Day 2007 at www.milliken.com/treesforall.

“We hope that everyone is observing Earth Day by reducing waste, increasing recycling efforts and enjoying nature,” says Bill Gregory, Director of Sustainable Initiatives for Milliken Floor Covering. “Trees for All reminds us to live sustainably.”

During Earth Day week, Milliken will present its first Chain of Green award encouraging sustainability throughout the supply chain. Milliken Contract is planting a tree to commemorate Citi’s commitment to sustainable choices at the opening of Citi’s Elk Grove, Illinois facility. In honor of Citi’s green building practices, Milliken will also plant additional trees to renew Flathead National Forest in Montana through the National Arbor Day Foundation.

Thousands of Trees Planted

Since launching Trees for All on Georgia Arbor Day 2006, Milliken customers have added about 8,000 trees of renewed forests through the online program. The area represents the square footage approximately equivalent to 10 times the White House or 12 football fields.

Trees are a significant expression of Milliken’s Respect for Our Earth stewardship. Trees nurtured in Milliken forests sequester millions of pounds of carbon dioxide. In addition to Web-based activities, the Trees for All initiative works to educate the supply chain, enhance communities, and reduce greenhouse gas impacts for future generations. Programs include supporting National Arbor Day activities; launching Making the Shade partnerships with Georgia Forestry Commission to increase playground health and safety; opening the Roger Milliken Arboretum to the annual Earth Run; and encouraging community and customer collaborations that plant trees.

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