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Miele Announces Little Giants Washers & Dryers


PRINCETON, N.J.—Miele USA, a subsidiary of the global leader in state-of-the-art home and professional grade appliances, announced the North American launch of its newest and most versatile laundry system to date. Miele Little Giants washers and dryers offer short cycle wash programs (25-minute Express wash cycle), high temperature disinfection (up to 200°F) and high spin extraction (G-Force up to 704Gs), providing a superior hygienic clean in less time.

Miele Little Giants offer the ultimate solution for all laundry demands across a range of hospitality and wellness applications including salons, spas, B&Bs and small resorts to restaurants, bakeries, cafes and catering businesses. Featuring larger capacity (18 lbs.), improved efficiency and automated specialty cleaning programs that seamlessly integrate with Miele’s award-winning technology, the new Miele Little Giants machines are ideal for towels, robes, bedding, table linens, uniforms, and service and cleaning textiles.

“Competitive hospitality and wellness businesses rely on specific textiles, garments and uniforms as critical tools in delivering their ultimate guest experience and the importance of disinfection and hygiene has never been clearer,” said Glenn Liacouras, Managing Director, North America Business Unit Professional, Miele, Inc. “With our most versatile, efficient, and technologically advanced laundry system to date, the new Little Giants machines bring over 120 years of Miele design innovation and product excellence to the widest array of customers to date. This is the ultimate solution for all laundry demands and offers an unmatched combination of fabric protection and energy efficiency.”

Drying Cycle Reduced

The new machines feature Miele’s patented Honeycomb Drum, which has been redesigned to ensure better wetting and drenching of textiles and improved dewatering in the spin cycle. Clothes and textiles come out of the wash cycle retaining less water, reducing the drying cycle, and requiring significantly less electricity, water, and total cycle time.

The new Miele Little Giants dryer has been named to the coveted Energy Star Most Efficient list in 2020 for delivering cutting edge energy efficiency along with the latest in technological innovation. The Energy Star Most Efficient rating represents the year’s very best for energy savings and environmental protection.

Miele Little Giants are German-engineered with high-quality materials and components, including heater elements made from corrosion-proof stainless steel and grease-resistant silicone components. Both washer and dryer are available with a Lotus White or Stainless-Steel front, and in a stackable, small footprint for small spaces.

Miele Little Giants washing machines and dryers are available for order by contacting an authorized manufacturer representative/dealer or reaching Miele Professional directly at 1-800-991-9380 or online at www.mieleusa.com/pro/littlegiants.