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Miami is Most Over-Touristed City in the U.S.


While high levels of tourism are welcomed by governing bodies of most nations due to the revenue it generates, local residents in tourist hotspots aren’t so thrilled to have millions of globetrotters on their doorstep. In fact, some countries have had just enough that fines, taxes and bans have been put in place in a bid to discourage visitors.

In a new study by MoneyTransfers.com, the most visited cities and countries in the world were compared with the resident population in each to find out where in the world residents are most outnumbered by tourists.

The Most Over-Touristed Cities in the U.S.

The United States boasts an abundance of tourist attractions located around the country, however some have proven themselves to be more popular than others luring in up to 18 times the number of tourists compared to locals.

  • Miami: 18.6 tourists per 1 inhabitant

Most famous for its golden beaches and vibrant nightlife, Miami takes the top spot in the whole of the U.S. With an estimated 8.1 million international arrivals a year, the city also landed in the top 10 over-touristed destinations worldwide.

  • Orlando: 17.8 tourists per 1 inhabitant

Orlando was uncovered to be the second most over-touristed destination in the U.S., proving once and for all Florida is the fan favorite among tourists around the world.

  • Las Vegas: 10.2 tourists per 1 inhabitant

Renowned for its nightlife, gambling antics and fine dining, Vegas truly is an experience you will never forget—it is no wonder Vegas found itself in the top three US destinations,

  • Honolulu: 8.1 per 1 inhabitant

Hawaii has always remained one of the most undisputedly popular spots in the U.S. The island attracts tourists from all over the globe with its tropical climate and landscape. However, it is one of the destinations which has already seen the effects of over-tourism and is exploring ways to counter the impact.

  • San Francisco: 3.5 per 1 inhabitant

Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge in a photo just isn’t enough, millions of tourists flock from all over the world to see the landmark in person, along with the many others in San Francisco.

  • Los Angeles: 1.7 per 1 inhabitant

Infamous for the glitz and glam, LA attracts crowds from all corners of the world to witness how the rich and famous live. While the city is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations in the U.S., the fact that is it the second largest city in the U.S. means than locals aren’t easy to outnumber.

  • New York: 1.7 per 1 inhabitant

Think pizza, bagels, Times Square, Empire State Building…why would you not want to visit New York? Perhaps the streets seething with tourists. New York—the most populated state in the U.S.—was revealed to still have more tourists than native New Yorkers, a quite impressive feat.

Top 10 Most Over-Touristed Destinations Worldwide 

  1. Phuket, Thailand: 118.5 tourists to every 1 inhabitant
    2. Pattaya, Thailand: 98.7 tourists to every 1 inhabitant
    3. Krabi, Thailand: 72.2 tourists to every 1 inhabitant
    4. Mugla, Turkey: 40.2 tourists to every 1 inhabitant
    5. Hurghada, Egypt: 28.2 tourists to every 1 inhabitant
    6. Macau, China: 26.9 tourists to every 1 inhabitant
    7. Heraklion, Greece: 22 tourists to every 1 inhabitant
    8. Venice, Italy: 21.3 tourists to every 1 inhabitant
    9. Rhodes, Greece: 20.3 tourists to every 1 inhabitant
    10. Miami, U.S.: 18.6 tourists to every 1 inhabitant

Visit the full study to see the official ranking of almost 100 locations worldwide.


MoneyTransfers.com sourced the data on international arrivals from a Euromonitor International study and all population data and figures for most visited countries from World Population Review. These data sets were then used to calculate the estimated number of tourists per inhabitant for each city and country.