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McDonnell & Miller Introduces New Boiler Control Technology


MORTON GROVE, ILL.—In response to the growing industry requirement for low water cut-off valves, McDonnell & Miller has introduced its new RBT-3000 Low Water Cut-Off & Fuel Economizer. This new generation of boiler control technology is designed to maximize fuel efficiency and provide valuable low water cut-off protection for hydronic heating systems.

The intelligent controls built into the RBT-3000 bring advanced microprocessor technology to virtually any existing boiler, automatically adjusting water temperature based on heat load and without the need for an outdoor sensor.

The energy management system used in the RBT-3000 reduces fuel/electricity consumption by 10 percent to 20 percent, reduces polluting emissions, requires no replacement of existing controls, requires no programming, and features easier installation.

The RBT-3000 enhances boiler safety and meets or exceeds standards recommended by major boiler manufacturers and required by the 2000 International Mechanical Code, as well as many municipalities. All McDonnell & Miller electronic low water cut-offs provide the added protection of a exclusive self-cleaning probe, which eliminates the need for probe maintenance.

The RBT-3000 also provides burner cut-off if the water level drops below safe levels due to: buildup on the probe that can lead to boiler shutdown and the potential for water overfill; interrupted water supply; system leaks; and potential problems with applications, such as perimeter heat, snow melt, slab on grade, and indirect water heaters.

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