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Mayfair Hotel Supply Adds Terra Green to Product Lineup


ELK GROVE VILLAGE, ILL.—Mayfair Hotel Supply has announced a new addition to their product lineup: Terra Green. With a selection of eco-friendly products that include skin-friendly ingredients, therapeutic scents and recyclable packaging materials, this brand is perfectly situated to provide a luxurious experience for guests along with significant environmental benefits.

Each Terra Green product is designed with eco-friendly features at the forefront. It starts with soy-based ink print on all packaging, which is a renewable and biodegradable alternative to traditional printing inks. The packaging is made from recycled materials for an added green benefit, and the formulas feature natural ingredients. For hotels and resorts looking to minimize their environmental impact, Terra Green offers an affordable option that still feels luxurious for guests.

The full lineup of Terra Green products includes body lotion, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and two-in-one conditioning shampoo in an eco-friendly screw cap tube. These travel-size products are perfect for guests to use during their stay and take along with them to use at another destination or back at home. Several other products are available in recycled boxes or paper wrapping, including rectangular and round cleansing bar soap and a unisex shower cap made with environmentally friendly materials.

Eco-Friendly Features

This partnership with Terra Green comes at the perfect time as an increasing number of hotel guests are looking for environmentally friendly lodging options. According to a recent Booking.com survey, 72 percent of travelers think sustainable tourism should be a priority, and 70 percent say they would be more likely to book an accommodation that was environmentally friendly. The Terra Green product line at Mayfair Hotel Supply offers a simple way for hotels and resorts to attract eco-conscious travelers from all over the globe.

With these products, the green approach to travel accommodations does not come with any sacrifice when it comes to quality. Terra Green products are formulated with gentle, moisturizing ingredients with deep-cleaning properties. Each product goes on silky-smooth and leaves skin feeling hydrated and soft. In addition, the light lemongrass scent creates a refreshing aromatic experience that offers a therapeutic lift. Terra Green products produce a spa-like effect in any hotel room and make guests feel pampered after a long day of travel or activities.

Thoughtful Packaging

Many of the Terra Green hair and skin care products available at Mayfair Hotel Supply also include braille along the screw caps, which assists guests who have vision challenges in finding the right products for their personal care. With this option, businesses can offer a more inclusive experience and attract travelers who may not find the same types of accommodations at other hotels or resorts. It is a great way to make guests feel welcome and comfortable in their room, and even those who don’t need the braille will see it as a thoughtful touch.

Terra Green’s packaging for the screw cap tubes, recycled boxes and recycled paper wrapping all feature designs that highlight the environmentally friendly nature of the products. The green tones and leaf logo signal to guests that they are using products that contain natural ingredients and include eco-friendly features. The simple color scheme is also made to complement any existing décor in hotel rooms, ensuring that the space looks stylish and inviting to every guest.

Affordable Prices

Choosing Terra Green bath supplies from Mayfair Hotel Supply ensures that businesses can get a great price on these high-quality products. That allows businesses to minimize costs along with their environmental impact at the same time. By buying hotel supplies in bulk, customers can take advantage of wholesale prices on these pampering products. Mayfair Hotel Supply offers fast shipping along with friendly and knowledgeable customer service to ensure a great experience with this exciting new travel-size product line.