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MaxLite Introduces LED Downlight Retrofits


WEST CALDWELL, N.J.—Expanding its portfolio of specification-grade LED lighting solutions, MaxLite introduces the DLR Series of Architectural Recessed Downlight Retrofits as a cost-effective way to upgrade commercial interiors to more efficient lighting.

Available in a full range of reflector sizes, lumen packages and color temperatures, the Energy Star certified DLR Series is designed for applications that require superior optical performance and scalability, such as hospitality, health care, office, education and retail. The retrofits are available in 4″, 6″, 8″ and 9″ configurations, with outputs ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 lumens to suit a variety of general and accent downlighting needs. The high lumen output and long life of the product make the DLR Series an ideal solution for high ceiling settings where maintenance can be expensive and labor intensive. Compared to traditional compact fluorescent and metal halide downlights, the LED retrofits consume 50 percent less power while delivering even illumination.

A new addition to the MaxLite line, the DLR Series introduces key upgrades over previously offered commercial retrofit products, including a longer, seven-year warranty and increased operating life of 100,000 hours. Most notably, the DLR Series is compatible with both 0 to 10v dimmers (120 to 277V) and TRIAC dimmers (120V only) for maximum flexibility and energy savings. The retrofits are stocked in 3000K and 4000K, with additional color temperatures (2700K, 3500K and 5000K) available upon request. Although the series is issued in a flood beam standard, spot beam distribution is available by special order.

“With myriad options for customization and minimal installation labor required, our new Architectural Downlight Retrofit series offers facility managers the most affordable and aesthetically pleasing way to convert their existing recessed cans to the energy- and cost-saving benefits of LED technology,” said Product Manager Ramesh Raghavan.

Easy to install and access for maintenance, the retrofits connect to the frame’s existing junction box using the supplied quick-connect case and conduit whip. Once connected, the retrofit is simply pushed up into the frame and secured by the existing pressure clips. Optional retaining clips are available if the existing frame does not have adequate friction springs to hold the product in place. All DLR Series reflectors feature an extended trim that conceals imperfections in drywall openings, thereby eliminating the need for a separate goof ring.

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