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Mattress Recycling Council Launches Commercial Volume Pickup Program in California


ALEXANDRIA, VA.—The Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) has introduced its Commercial Volume Pickup (CVP) program in California. The program is designed to provide no-cost transportation and recycling to retailers, hotels, educational institutions and universities that have at least 100 mattresses to recycle with the Bye Bye Mattress Program. It is managed by MRC’s Program and Logistics Coordinator, Joy Broussard.

“By making it easier for these types of businesses to use the Bye Bye Mattress Program, we are diverting more mattresses from California landfills and working towards meeting statewide recycling goals,” said Broussard. “We have already received positive feedback from businesses interested in getting involved.”

To receive these services, eligible entities must have at least 100 units to recycle (or partner with others in their community to reach this minimum), agree to the CVP Program’s guidelines and be able to accommodate a 53-foot trailer for loading collected units. Mattress retailers must also be compliant with California’s Mattress Recovery & Recycling Act which includes collecting and remitting the mattress recycling fee and maintaining a valid registration with MRC.

Since MRC’s Bye Bye Mattress Program began in California, nearly 4 million mattresses have been recycled. Annually, about one-third of the units collected originate from retailers, hotels, universities and other institutions.

“California businesses with smaller volumes of mattresses can still receive no-cost recycling at MRC-contracted recyclers located throughout the state,” said Justine Fallon, MRC’s Operations Director. “We encourage all eligible participants to contact us to see how we can help.”

If you are interested in recycling with MRC’s Bye Bye Mattress Program in California or have questions about the Commercial Volume Pickup Program services, contact Joy Broussard at jbroussard@mattressrecyclingcouncil.org or visit MattressRecyclingCouncil.org.