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Matrix Pack Group Partners with PulPac on Cutlery Solution


GÖTEBERG, SWEDEN—PulPac and Matrix Pack Group announced their strategic partnership aimed at delivering a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional single-use plastic and wooden cutlery.

This innovative collaboration involves PulPacMatrix Pack, and PA Consulting. PulPac and PA Consulting will lead the development of the cutlery, with MatrixPack acting as a co-developer in the industrialization of the post-processing solution. MatrixPack will be the first producer to introduce Dry Molded Fiber Cutlery to the market, with a fully industrialized cutlery set expected to be available by early 2025.

“Our goal within this partnership is to develop a consumer-friendly solution that not only meets market standards for functionality but also emphasizes cost-efficiency,” said Sanna Fager, Chief Commercial Officer at PulPac. “It’s an honor to work with a frontrunner like MatrixPack. By combining the strengths of PA Consulting, PulPac, and MatrixPack, we can accelerate development and industrialization, bringing innovative, sustainable products to market.”

Sanna Fager emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, “We are excited to deepen our strong partnership with MatrixPack, and this collaboration underscores PulPac’s commitment to continuously supporting licensees with new product solutions.”

Minimal Energy & Water Use

The Dry Molded Fiber technology offers significant advantages over traditional fiber forming, including a substantial reduction in cost and environmental impact due to its minimal water and energy consumption.

Dionysis Valentis, Business Developer Manager at MatrixPack, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “At MatrixPack, we strive to continuously provide the market with new sustainable products. Dry Molded Fiber is an ideal technology for cutlery due to its strength and cost benefits from the speed of production. We are proud to work with such knowledgeable partners and to be the first producer to launch Dry Molded Fiber Cutlery to the market and to the standards required by the major global brands we are working with.”

This partnership marks a significant step towards providing the market with sustainable, high-performance cutlery that meets both environmental and economic needs. The combined expertise and commitment of PulPac, MatrixPack, and PA Consulting pave the way for a more sustainable future in packaging solutions.