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Magnuson Group Debuts KASTA Waste Receptacle at NeoCon


CHICAGO—The Magnuson Group, experts in high-design accessories and support furniture for commercial facilities, has introduced its newest product, KASTA, a sleek and streamlined waste and recycling receptacle collection, available in four sizes and multiple finishes. KASTA, the Swedish word for “throw,” was designed in collaboration with Gensler, serving as product design consultant, and is Made in the USA. The freestanding modular receptacles are highly flexible and can be used independently or ganged to create just the right disposal streams for each end user’s specific needs and environment.

The sophisticated architectural shape, featuring distinct chamfered corners, is aesthetically pleasing and allows for cohesive integration into large, small, and medium-sized spaces—from building lobbies and conference rooms to smaller breakout areas and common spaces. Refined and functional, KASTA is available in four sizes and two top options for a variety of configuration possibilities. Clean and informative label graphics easily identify and effectively communicate—with both text and icons—each receptacle’s designated function: Mixed Recycling, Glass, Metal, Plastic, Paper, Food Waste/Compost, Landfill.

With six body colors and nine top colors, KASTA is designed to fit seamlessly into any aesthetic. The wide range of finishes allows users to achieve a monochromatic look or to differentiate waste streams via color.

“Magnuson Group is pleased to introduce the KASTA family of waste and recycling receptacles to the market. Collaborating with the Gensler team in designing KASTA was an excellent experience; the design process was focused and productive at every step. Together, we believe KASTA makes a strong design statement while providing the modularity and flexibility to satisfy the requirements of commercial customers both large and small, and across every market segment. We are very proud of this collaboration and the KASTA family,” said Kelly Quackenbush, President of Magnuson Group.

“Waste receptacles are often a tough spec for designers of commercial environments,” said Scott Star, Director of Product Development at Gensler. “They want a system that supports the necessary recycling streams and one that provides visually elegant integration into their projects. We’re especially happy with the outcome of our collaboration with Magnuson Group. The product strikes a carefully calibrated balance between aesthetics and functionality to work in virtually any office or public space.”