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Luvia Introduces Plastic-Free Countertop Water Filtration Pitcher


SEATTLE—Luvia, creator of the world’s first plastic-free, all-glass countertop water filtration pitcher, announced a Kickstarter campaign to produce the first generation of its pitchers. Luvia’s countertop water filtration pitcher unites sustainable, heirloom-quality design with advanced filtering technology that removes contaminants and improves taste. The company aims to raise $20,000 to fund their first run of production which will begin shipping in late fall.

“Over the past several years, consumers have become more aware of how harmful plastic is for our health and the environment,” said Jacob Shumaker, founder and CEO of Luvia. “The Luvia pitcher filters harmful substances from water without introducing chemicals released from plastic, making it a sustainable option for consumers who want to cut back on plastic use while enjoying safe, pure-tasting drinking water.”

Luvia uses a catalytic carbon foam filter that requires no plastic housing, significantly reducing waste and preventing unwanted plastic compounds from leaching into water. This catalytic carbon foam is also the most efficient form of catalytic carbon filtration technology, significantly reducing harmful substances such as chlorine, chloramine, PFOA/PFAS, pharmaceuticals, herbicides/pesticides, and trace heavy metals. Each filter is good for 40 gallons of drinking water—the equivalent of more than 300 plastic water bottles. The pitcher can hold up to two liters of water.

Fuses Form & Function

“The Luvia pitcher is intended to be as beautiful as it is sustainable,” said Shumaker. “My background as a glass artist influenced my desire to create a countertop filtration pitcher that fused form and function, interrupting decades of design tradition that required use of plastic in some way.”

Shumaker first came up with the concept for the Luvia pitcher several years ago. Raised in a rural area in Washington state, Shumaker’s love for nature and his deep appreciation for the beauty of the organic inspired him to become a glass artist, which shaped his vision for the pitcher. Shumaker began designing the pitcher in 2016 and consulted several scientific glass blowers to develop and refine the prototype.

Once the prototype was created, Shumaker partnered with one of the leading water filtration brands in the industry to develop its carbon foam filter, which can be used on its own without additional housing. Shumaker spent years searching for the right manufacturing partner and eventually found a company in Germany that could produce the pitcher. Wanting to preserve the artisanal quality of the design, Shumaker chose to have the final product assembled by master craftsmen in Hungary.

Luvia’s crowdfunding campaign is hosted on Kickstarter here. Following a successful round of crowd-sourced funding, the company will sell the water pitcher and replacement filters directly to consumers through its website, luviawater.com.