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Lunera Lighting Introduces SensAble Technology


SANTA CLARA, CALIF.—Lunera Lighting, Inc. announced a new lighting and control technology platform called SensAble Technology. This new platform integrates advanced Doppler radar occupancy sensors, IR daylight sensors, power usage monitoring and Zigbee wireless connectivity into Lunera’s next generation commercial Helen Lamp Linear T8, Helen Lamp PL and Susan Lamp HID plug and play LED lamp families.

The new Helen ST and Susan ST lamps, which automatically respond to their environment when plugged in
(no commissioning required), will deliver up to 30 percent more energy savings compared to standard LED lamps, while eliminating the need for discrete sensors. Installation is plug and play, adding value to a business at a fraction of the cost of conventional lighting control systems.

“Our integration of SensAble Technology creates a powerful tool that enables building owners and operators to leverage their existing lighting infrastructure and the ubiquity of the common light socket to cost-effectively unleash the potential of an IoT Ecosystem,” said Lunera’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Tom Quinn. “Adding a simple Control Hub to connect the wirelessly networked ST Lamps to the cloud and the ST Platform becomes the central nervous system of your building. As part of the ST Connect service, advanced analytics and Apps are available for mining of operational and environmental data to bring additional business value to your real estate portfolio.”

Lunera’s simple, non-disruptive approach to leveraging a building’s existing infrastructure to deploy a low cost network of advanced sensors solves a critical problem facing the creation of functioning IoT ecosystems in the commercial real estate market.

Efficient Way of Deploying a Sensor Network

“There is a great deal of excitement about the IoT, big data, software analytics and SaaS business models becoming a reality for commercial buildings,” said Lunera CEO, Doug Schendt. “However, nothing can happen until the data is captured and this requires an efficient, cost effective way of deploying a sensor network. Lunera’s SensAble Technology Platform and ST Connect ecosystem provide the catalyst needed to make IoT adoption happen rapidly.”

Lunera’s Helen ST and Susan ST next generation lamps are enabled for ST Connect, the networking, control, cloud, and data service solution managed by Stack Labs, which partnered with Lunera on this breakthrough business solution.

“Stack Labs continues to push the IoT envelope by creating lighting control solutions that combine the best sensor technology with Cloud-based analytics software, to deliver on the promise of a truly energy efficient, intelligent facility,” said Neil Joseph, Founder and CEO of Stack. “Lunera’s plug and play portfolio of LED lamps combined with their impressive engineering capability has enabled us to innovate together to deliver a truly disruptive solution to the world of lighting controls.”

Taking daylight, occupancy and power usage data from ST Lamps, a Stack Enabled Control Hub will transmit the data through a LTE cellular modem to an ST Cloud account, managed by Stack Labs. Data analytics is accomplished through an evolving suite of Apps including remote monitoring, space utilization mapping and automated demand response, among others. An additional 25 percent energy savings is expected through ST Connect.

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