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LowerMyDemandCharges.com Launches Throughout United States


HOLLYWOOD, FLA.—LowerMyDemandCharges.com announced its launch in the United States with its full suite of commercial energy and expense reduction solutions—electricity procurement/supplier auto-switching, bill auditing services, bill negotiation services, and super-quick payback HVAC/Refrigeration energy efficiency retrofit devices for energy- and money-savings of 10 to 80 percent. The new company is owned and operated by Danny Tseng. He has experience working as an independent consultant with cleantech startup and certified B Corporation, Viv Network, LLC of Westport, Conn., and as a marketing partner for the manufacturer of the energy efficiency retrofit devices, Raleigh, N.C.-based Madison Energy Group (themadisonenergygroup.com), which has helped over 975 customers—including the Ritz-Carlton, Walt Disney World Resorts, and other lodging brands—in 18 countries save close to $100 million off their energy bills since 2009.

Tseng is a Class of 2000 alum of Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration and a retired Marriott International hotel manager. The Vision of LowerMyDemandCharges.com is for the entire lodging and hospitality industry to be as close to “off-the-grid” as possible or, at least, to reduce its total carbon footprint by 75 percent or more from current levels. Its mission is to achieve that vision before the year 2022.

Viv’s “AutoPilot” service will automatically monitor and easily switch utility providers to whomever has the very best deal. Electricity will come from, at least, 50 percent green, clean, renewable energy through the purchase of carbon offsets via hydro, solar, and/or wind power. A couple of Viv’s slogans are: “You upload your bill, we lower them” and “Set it and forget it!” To see how AutoPilot works, go to tinyurl.com/SaveWithAutoPilot.

Energy Recovery from Heating/Cooling Systems

For those motels, hotels, and other facilities with PTACs (packaged terminal air conditioners) and/or PTHPs (packaged terminal heat pumps), Madison Energy Group’s IntelliPTAC/PTHP saves 10 to 15 percent in energy usage by “tricking” the fan to continue to run (when it otherwise would have shut off) in order to circulate the cold (or hot) air that’s already contained within the system in order to recover energy that would have just been wasted by sitting there. To learn more, log into your Gmail before visiting: tinyurl.com/IntelliPTACbrochure.

Madison Energy Group’s flagship product, the EnerG2 device, allows those with walk-in coolers or freezers to save up to 30 percent in energy use because the air temperature probe of the walk-in is inserted into a gel compound contained inside the EnerG2 device which mimics the thermal properties of food and beverage—which fluctuates far less than that of ambient air. Because of this, the walk-in’s compressor is not triggered to go on as often nor as long, thus saving money and energy while extending the lifespan of the walk-in cooler or freezer. The EnerG2 is very simple yet highly cost-effective, comes with a lifetime warranty, and is endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association. To see the EnerG2 in action, watch: tinyurl.com/SaveMoneyWithEnerG2. To learn about Madison’s two other devices, visit: greensunshinepower.justviv.com/energy-efficiency. To view a Best Western Plus case study, click-on their logo after visiting: shareviv.com/ee-case-studies.

Additional information on LowerMyDemandCharges.com may be obtained by visiting greensunshinepower.justviv.com, calling (786) 441-2727/(800) 250-8975, texting (305) 297-9360; e-mailing greensunshinepowercompany@gmail.com, or sending a Facebook friend request to: facebook.com/danny.chingteh.tseng or Linkedin connect request to: linkedin.com/in/brainforhumanity.

* As of 11/1/19, AutoPilot is available in CT, IL, MD, MA, NJ, NY, NH, OH, PA, and RI.