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Litetronics Introduces Energy-Efficient Cold Cathode CFLs


ALSIP, ILL.—Litetronics International introduces its cold cathode compact fluorescent lamps. They range from 2 to 8 watts and are a direct replacement for incandescent lighting up to 50 watts without any loss of light output. Micro-Brite lamps have an expected life of up to 25,000 hours and can save up to 90 percent in energy costs when compared to incandescent lamps. Due to their extremely long life, Micro-Brite lamps also cut down on maintenance and replacement costs. Micro-Brite lamps can be used indoors or outdoors in extreme heat and cold. They are also flashable and dimmable down to 5 percent.

Micro-Brite lamps fit standard fixtures and come in a variety of shapes and color temperatures, allowing consumers to replace more of their incandescent lamps with energy-efficient compact fluorescents. Available shapes include S14, A15, A19, R20, G16.5, G25, G40, C11, BR25, BR30, and PAR 38. All Micro-Brite lamps are TCLP compliant and come with a two-year warranty.

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