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LG Electronics Expands AC Line with MULTI VTM Series


ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J.—LG Electronics, one of the world’s largest air conditioner manufacturers, unveiled its new MULTI VTM series of commercial air conditioners. The new series launches the company’s extensive portfolio of applied commercial air-conditioning products into the U.S. market, and features design flexibility, industry-leading efficiency, low noise levels and one of the longest refrigeration piping lengths available.

“Launching our advanced MULTI V commercial air-conditioning series into the U.S. market builds on LG Electronics’ position as one of the world’s largest suppliers of commercial and residential air conditioner units,” said Steve Schmitt, director, Commercial Air Conditioning, LG Electronics USA, Inc. “The new MULTI V series combines cutting-edge technology and the ultimate in flexibility to deliver innovative comfort solutions that meet the needs of a variety of commercial applications.”

LG’s new MULTI V uses a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heat recovery system that makes it possible to operate cooling and heating simultaneously using only one outdoor unit, serving both cost and energy efficiency needs. Built around LG’s inverter compressors, the MULTI V series delivers one of the highest EER ratings available in the VRF equipment category, along with low noise operation.

Variable, Constant Speed Compressors

The LG Inverter VRF systems use both a variable speed inverter compressor and constant speed compressor. Instead of shutting off once the desired temperature is reached, the inverter compressor continues to operate at a low speed to maintain that temperature, resulting in quieter operation and greater energy efficiency when compared to conventional models that cycle on and off. The constant speed compressor is utilized only when the overall capacity of the system needs to be increased.

In the MULTI V Inverter System, serially arranged refrigerant pipes are connected to a single outdoor unit. This efficient system offers outstanding energy savings, with a wide variety of different types of indoor units, making it easy to design and install. The MULTI V System is especially suitable for hotels, hospitals and buildings where space-specific heating/cooling control is essential. LG’s outdoor units also incorporate a modular design that can easily be scaled to suit the needs of a particular building—from high-rise buildings, high-end hotels and luxury resort facilities to commercial buildings and condominium projects. The series offers BTU levels ranging from 38,000 to 192,000 to meet a variety of needs.

With the new MULTI V series, LG also offers design-conscious indoor units that can complement most any interior decor. With improved air flow innovations, the models offer industry leading low noise levels, providing a more pleasant and convenient indoor environment. The series features a broad range of indoor unit options to suit a variety of installation preferences, including the popular ART COOL picture frame system (which allows the end user to put a photograph in the unit), standard wall mounted, ceiling cassette, ceiling concealed duct, ceiling suspended and floor standing models.

LG’s Plasma Air Purifying System is equipped on some indoor models as standard, which filters the air to reduce air impurities such as dust, mold, pollen, pet fur and cigarette smoke through a multi-stage process, offering users a healthier living environment. Other noteworthy features include total piping lengths over 3,000 ft., branch-to-branch piping up to 295 ft., automatic system refrigerant leak monitoring, automatic refrigerant charging, as well as compatibility to BACnet and LonWorks building network systems.

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