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Lettuce Grow Launches the Farmstand Nook


LOS ANGELES—Lettuce Grow introduced the Farmstand Nook, the second edition of its flagship product, designed to make it even easier to grow produce indoors, in tight spaces and across seasons. With enhancements including a smaller tank and fully integrated grow lights, the Farmstand Nook empowers any chef to grow the best ingredients just steps from their stovetop.

The Farmstand Nook simultaneously grows 20 plants among four levels, comes with integrated proprietary LED grow lights and, as is the case with the flagship Farmstand, is manufactured utilizing upcycled materials. New plant maintenance features, including newly designed Grow Cups and Sleeves, and digital accessories, provide a seamless indoor grower experience. The new Smart Timer allows growers to digitally control the lights of the Farmstand Nook, including a new snooze feature, from a smartphone. A digital pH pen replaces the color-coded litmus test to make pH testing even easier and faster.

“I am excited to finally bring the Farmstand Nook to our growers. We listened to our community’s feedback and have created a turnkey growing system that allows for delicious produce to be grown in the tightest of spaces, furthering our goal of creating a more sustainable food system,” says Jacob Pechenik, Founder and CEO of Lettuce Grow. “The Farmstand Nook is like a living pantry for produce. You can easily grow greens, vegetables, fruits and herbs in your kitchen or any corner of your home, allowing even more people to grow and harvest something delicious—your very own fresh food.”

Original Farmstand Still Available

The original Farmstand, modular in design for growing a variety of plants indoors and outdoors, will continue to be available alongside the new Farmstand Nook. Pechenik noted, “Customers might choose to have an original Farmstand outdoors or in another area, and have the Farmstand Nook in the kitchen, next to the refrigerator.”

Co-Founder Zooey Deschanel said, “Growing with Lettuce Grow is about more than growing plants, it’s about nurturing connections with our family, friends, and neighbors. It’s about creating a moment of joy in the simplest of ways, and with the Farmstand Nook even more people will be able to create magic just steps away from their dinner tables.”

The launch of the Farmstand Nook furthers Lettuce Grow’s mission to empower consumers to lead the transition to a sustainable food system. A lower price point and smaller footprint also augments accessibility and eliminates geographical barriers, inviting more consumers to grow their own groceries and be a part of the change.

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