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LEDVANCE Invests Millions in U.S. Manufacturing


ST. MARYS, PA.—The maker of SYLVANIA light bulbs in the United States announced it has invested millions of dollars to keep and add local manufacturing jobs and increase U.S. production of something we all depend on—the light bulb. This initiative transitions 200 jobs from making traditional lighting products, whose demand has been declining, to new LED technology and also adds 20 new jobs. LEDVANCE has achieved this milestone by upgrading its St. Marys, Pa. and Versailles, Kentucky factories. The lighting leader celebrated this announcement at its St. Marys, Pa. factory with Walmart, which has made a 10-year commitment to buy an additional $250 billion in products supporting American jobs. New SYLVANIA LED light bulbs assembled in the United States are at Walmart stores nationwide and will be in additional retailers and sold via industrial commercial channel partners in the near future.

“We are continuing to advance light by combining cutting-edge LED lighting technology with the manufacturing and R&D expertise of our U.S. factory workers and engineers,” said Jes Munk Hansen, CEO, LEDVANCE. “We are the first company in our industry to have a significant LED portfolio like this in the United States, an effort made possible by our first-rate employees. By upgrading our factories and equipment and evolving our business processes, our local workers are bringing light to the nation with modern SYLVANIA LED lighting assembled right here in the United States.”

LED technology has been called the future of lighting for its long life and energy savings benefits. LED light bulbs can last up to 22 years and save up to 85 percent on electricity. LEDVANCE is the first general lighting company to now have a significant LED light bulb portfolio made in the United States with U.S. and imported parts. This is one of the fastest producing assembly lines in the world for LED light bulbs, working three to four times faster than other lighting manufacturers.

Importance of U.S.-Made

“Our customers have told us that second to price, where products are made influences their purchase decisions,” said Cindi Marsiglio, Vice President, U.S. Manufacturing, Walmart. “We are focused on buying great quality products like SYLVANIA light bulbs that create jobs in communities across the U.S. It makes sense for our customers, our communities and our company.”

Based on data from Boston Consulting Group, it’s estimated that 1 million new U.S. jobs will be created through Walmart’s initiative, including direct manufacturing job growth of approximately 250,000, and indirect job growth of approximately 750,000 in the support and service sectors.

LEDVANCE has over 1,500 employees in the United States in 40 states. To meet some of the U.S. employees that bring SYLVANIA light bulbs to you, watch this video. To learn more about how the history of LEDVANCE and its SYLVANIA general lighting products dates back to 1901 in the United States, click here.