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Laundrylux Launches Hurricane Disaster Relief Program

Laundrylux response team, left to right: John Olsen, SVP Coin and OPL, Brett Allen and Antero Baez, Product Specialists, Michael Martino, Financing, and Corey Simonson, Regional Business Manager.

INWOOD, N.Y.—Laundrylux knows first-hand how destructive a hurricane can be. “We’ve had employees and customers who lost their homes and businesses, and were completely devastated by hurricanes for a long time,” shared John Sabino, President of Laundrylux. “That’s why it was so important for Laundrylux to launch its Disaster Relief Program for laundromats, apartment buildings, and on-premises laundry facilities affected by these devastating hurricanes.

“All of us at Laundrylux send our support to the people in Texas, Florida, Georgia, and all areas affected by these recent hurricanes,” Sabino says. “We want to do our part to help during this extremely difficult time. We are working hand in hand with our distributors in the areas hit by Hurricane Harvey and Irma to make it as affordable as possible for laundries to get back up and running as quickly as possible. Our hearts also go out to the people in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. It’s all about community and supporting each other, that’s our number one priority right now.”

Laundrylux’s disaster relief program includes no payments for six months with 0 percent interest rate options on Electrolux and Wascomat commercial laundry equipment. Laundrylux is also waiving all fees to help laundry owners get back in business.

Marketing Support Available

In addition, Laundrylux is geared up to provide marketing support to help store owners as they rebuild their laundries. They can contact marketing@laundrylux.com for immediate assistance.

John Olsen, Laundrylux Senior Vice President Sales, shares, “We have our Response Team in these areas reaching out to customers to see how we can help. We are making sure we have the boots on the ground and financing necessary to help restore businesses as fast as possible. We’ve experienced how traumatic it is for our customers and friends to have their livelihoods destroyed—and we know this disaster relief program can make a difference in people’s lives.”

If your existing laundromat or in-house laundry facility was impacted and you need replacement equipment, parts, or financing, contact Laundrylux for immediate support at (800) 645-2204, or by e-mail at customercare@laundrylux.com.