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Over the last ten years, Pellerin Milnor Corporation’s RinSave® water saver feature has been helping laundries get more loads per hour to save you money. This exclusive software allows the basket to reach a precise G‐force that “slings” the wash liquor out of the goods after a wash step. It eliminates excessive rinse and intermediate extract steps, saving up to 10 minutes per cycle and 2 rinses per load. RinSave water saver is standard on the V‐Series, T‐Series, X‐Series, MWF‐Series, and 48040 F‐Series washer‐extractors. For more information on how RinSave can conserve water use without compromising Milnor’s superior wash quality, visit www.milnor.com/save or call (504) 712-7656.



Save a fortune on water with Automatic Water Savings (AWS)—as much as 30 percent on small wash loads! Combine with Electrolux dryers and ironers for the maximum benefit. Electrolux dryers dry 12 percent faster and use 25 percent less gas than leading competitors. Certification in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards ensures Electrolux Professional’s long-term commitment to quality and the environment. Go green with Electrolux, the #1 selling on-premise laundry brand in the world. Call (800) 645-2205 or e-mail dgoldman@laundrylux.com today.