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Landscape Forms Announces New Options for Ashbery Lighting


KALAMAZOO, MICH.—Landscape Forms, North America’s leading designer and manufacturer of premium site furniture, structure, LED lighting, and accessories, announces expansions to its Ashbery lighting family. Focused on broadening performance capabilities, the new Ashbery expansions allow the company’s popular line of modern traditional area lights to feature more prominently in a greater range of outdoor spaces.

“Ashbery was originally designed to be very well adapted for pedestrian-centric environments, but we recognize that our clients are designing spaces that go beyond the purely pedestrian, and they want a common design language all throughout,” says Landscape Forms President of Lighting, Jordan Agustin. “The expansion to Ashbery is intended to broaden its palette to better serve the different needs of more spaces like transitional environments, curb-side environments, parking and multi-modal spaces.”

The Ashbery expansion incorporates Type 2 and Type 4 distributions to join the existing Type 3 and Type 5 options, expanded lumen ranges, more options for increased output, and a clear lens to join the original diffused lens. Also joining these expanded performance capabilities is a new smaller-scale luminaire that adds 8’, 10’ and 12’ pole heights to the original offering of 12’, 14’, and 16’ heights.

Importantly, the Ashbery expansion retains the line’s signature historical character—a form and ambiance created by the masters of modern traditional design at Robert A.M. Stern Architects—that has made it a favorite of American downtowns and main streets and has become Landscape Forms’ best-selling lighting solution. “What’s always been so important about Ashbery is its emotional connotation, the hearkening back to the traditional gas streetlamp,” describes Landscape Forms Director of Design, Ryan Heiser. “This expansion retains the warm, central secondary element that creates its historic feeling, while upping the performance potential of the main luminaire. So, you get even more modern light performance options while keeping the emotional connection to historic street lighting.”

“These additions and expansions to our existing lighting families are truly customer-led developments,” says Landscape Forms Chief Innovation Officer, Kirt Martin. “Like we’ve done with Torres, like we’ve done with LEO, and now like we’re doing with Ashbery, we’re listening to customer feedback and expanding options for solutions they already know and love so they can utilize them in more settings throughout their projects.”