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The Kitano New York Welcomes First Artist in Hospitality


NEW YORK—The Kitano New York Hotel continuously seeks new and unique opportunities to showcase art, music, and culture. As part of this initiative, The Kitano has introduced a new and unique cultural series wherein the hotel will work with carefully selected local artists to showcase their collections. A rotating repertoire of gallery pieces will be placed in the glass display on the hotel’s mezzanine during the year as part of this new “Artist in Hospitality” exposé.

Ever heard of chain mail art? It’s the main component of ’s ceramic sculptures. While The Kitano values tradition it is just as important to recognize and appreciate modern artistic innovations. Accordingly, Borgenicht is the first artist to be featured as the Kitano’s Artist in Hospitality. Borgenicht had a unique upbringing, spending half of each year in New Jersey and the other half in Israel. She attended Rutgers University and achieved a B.A. in mathematics. It was a mixture of her cultural background and unconventional application of her affinity for mathematics that influenced her artistic style and philosophy.

Currently, Borgenicht is the only sculptor of her kind, using her artistic originality to explore the relationship between concept and form. Borgenicht describes her artistic style as “using the chain mail pattern and other women patterns to create ceramic works that conjure up a sense of permanence and defensive concealment. Using clay to make a protective mesh is contradictory; for how can it defend anything, much less itself? Visually stone-like, the pieces appear strong and impenetrable, belaying their inherent fragility.” Ruth Borgenicht’s work will be on display through February 2011. The exhibit is open to all hotel guests and patrons.

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