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Kangen Cleaning System Features Electrolyzed Water


TORRANCE, CALIF.—Enagic introduces the Kangen Water cleaning system. It features electrolyzed water and can be used to sanitize bathrooms and countertops, clean windows, floors, carpets and can be added to the laundry to cut down on laundry detergent. It can be utilized in the kitchen for food preparation, cleaning of kitchen utensils, cutting boards and sanitizing, thereby decreasing the possibility of spreading e coli, salmonella, listeria, staph, etc. The water is created from one machine that produces seven very different grades of electrolyzed water.

The system has been approved by U.S. regulators, the Water Quality Association (WQA), giving it their Gold Seal Certificate of Compliance. It also has the ISO certification numbers of: ISO 9001 for quality; ISO 14001 for environment; ISO 13485 for the production of medical equipment.
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