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J2 Innovations White Paper Focuses on HVAC Water Conservation


LOS ANGELES—J2 Innovations launched a new white paper, “Smart buildings meet the challenge of water conservation”, outlining the critical role of HVAC systems in better water management and addressing the global issue of water scarcity. With commercial buildings using an estimated 47 billion gallons of water every day in the U.S, HVAC systems are typically responsible for 44 percent of that consumption. By harnessing open software frameworks, such as J2 Innovations’ FIN Framework, HVAC equipment manufacturers and facilities managers can deliver a holistic water optimization strategy and make drastic water savings.

The paper explores how FIN Framework technology can help reduce water wastage and decrease water use, saving cost and resources by delivering a more detailed picture of an entire building’s environment that has never been possible. Topics covered are:

  • Knowing how much water a building is using in the HVAC system by providing real-time data on water usage such as water flow and temperature.
  • Using water in cooling systems and how to decide which one is better to deliver cooling requirements with the maximum efficiency. For example, adiabatic coolers versus dry coolers.
  • Optimization strategies, including looking at building occupancy.
  • The importance of maintenance in optimizing HVAC systems and the health of those working with them, including reducing the risk from bacteria.

Terry Fox, Director of Solutions at J2 Innovations said, “This white paper is even more critical after a season of high temperatures and water shortages across much of the world. The building’s industry must start placing the same emphasis on reducing water as it does on reducing energy use. HVAC equipment manufacturers can use our open FIN Framework software to deliver solutions that put water and energy conservation at the heart of a building, and those that manage buildings can choose a solution that uses it. Together, we can seize the opportunity to deliver world-class stewardship and make major savings to this essential resource.”

Download the entire white paper at: http://www.j2inn.com/better-water-management.