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ITW Food Equipment Group Provides Support to Culinary Care


CHICAGO—As the holidays approach and 2020 comes to an end, the ITW Food Equipment Group is celebrating community, compassion, food, and health.

For the second consecutive year, the ITW Food Equipment Group will provide financial support for Culinary Care, a nonprofit organization helping cancer patients live happier and healthier lives by making delicious feel-good moments easy. As part of this mission, Culinary Care delivers free restaurant prepared meals to cancer patients as well as their families during treatments. To date, the organization has provided over 15,000 meals to more than 2,000 patients.

The foundation of Culinary Care’s mission and one that ITW Food Equipment Group is proud to support is that a good meal is one of the most powerful tools for change. Now, more than ever, a good meal is needed to change the course of 2020 for cancer patients, their families, and local restaurants.

Like many businesses, Culinary Care has faced new challenges this year. Currently, Culinary Care is unable to rely on restaurant donations due to the impact of the pandemic. Meanwhile the cancer patients they serve need them more than ever.

The Line is Launched

Culinary Care is now purchasing 100 percent of their meals from their partner restaurants who have so generously donated food in the past. To help fund this program, the organization has launched The Line, a new monthly giving community where compassionate individuals can donate every month to uplift cancer patients, while also supporting Chicago restaurants as this is where the organization is currently operating.

“Our mission is about being there for our community in times of need. The Line is the catalyst that will ensure our patients and restaurant partners can continue to count on us. We are so grateful to have ITW Food Equipment Group’s support as we launch this new initiative,” said Culinary Care President and Founder Courtney White. “1.8 million were diagnosed with cancer this year. Of those diagnosed, 200,000 do not know where their next meal is coming from and 125,000 won’t live to see their next birthday because of malnutrition. Members of The Line will help us nourish as many recoveries as we can, while providing much-needed support to our restaurants—proving that nothing can get in the way of generosity.”

As Culinary Care works to create a world where everyone fighting cancer has the chance to look forward to a good meal every day, they are currently focused on every day at the hospital. Cancer patients receiving chemotherapy spend four to 15 hours at the hospital on any given treatment day. However, many hospitals do not provide any meal services during this time. The Line is a creative, essential, and sustainable approach to ensure Culinary Care’s patients have a good meal to enjoy on these treatment days.

‘Privilege to Support This Organization’

“We strongly believe in the power of food to bring people together to share and thrive,” said Todd Blair, Director of Brand Marketing, ITW Food Equipment Group. “Culinary Care has stepped up to continue its incredible work to support those in need at a time when they are even more vulnerable to the virus and being isolated from others more than ever before. It is a privilege to support this organization and the restaurants who partner with them.”

All proceeds from The Line directly support Culinary Care’s mission to help cancer patients live happier and healthier lives through food.

If you are considering ways to get involved and support those in need during the holidays, consider being one of the first to join The Line. Culinary Care has launched a website with more information and how you can help.

To learn more, visit https://culinarycare.com/join-the-line.