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Italy’s Toscana Resort Officially Reopens Its Doors, Welcomes 20 New Families of Bees


NEW YORK, N.Y.—Despite the uncertainties of the past year, one thing remains certain: people will always want to travel and will always look to travel for inspiration. And for many Americans, the famed wine region of Tuscany is at the top of their travel wish list. With Italy having eased its border and travel restrictions for vaccinated visitors this summer in accordance with new European Union guidelines, the country’s hotels, restaurants, and attractions are relaunching and preparing to welcome back guests from the United States. Toscana Resort Castelfalfi has officially reopened its doors, offering travelers the opportunity to reconnect with themselves and others after a long year at home with stimulating, multisensory travel experiences. With no mandatory quarantine requirement for COVID-tested arrivals, and a palpable surge of excitement among Americans seeking to reboot plans for a postponed or long-awaited trip abroad, the 2,700-acre nature estate is encouraging visitors to choose Tuscany as their first-in-a-long-time getaway with family or friends.

Situated in close proximity to the cultural hubs of Florence, Pisa, and Siena, Toscana Resort Castelfalfi ignites all of the senses with an assortment of holistic wellness, lifestyle, and culinary experiences.

Hear the Pulsating Sound of 40,000 Local Tuscan Bees 

To keep apiarists and sustainable travel lovers buzzing with excitement, Toscana Resort Castelfalfi welcomed 20 new families of bees housed in two locations on the estate for the official reopening in May. Along with complimentary tours of the beehives, Castelfalfi also launched “Be a Farmer Bee Edition,” a virtual beekeeping program that welcomes past and future guests to adopt a queen bee and her family. Through this experience, 20 travelers will be awarded a “Beekeeper of Castelfalfi” title as they support the preservation of the local eco-system and its native fauna and are rewarded with an official adoption certificate and six pots of Tuscan honey. Virtual beekeepers that visit the estate later in the year or in 2022 will enjoy a VIP tour that includes a personalized visit to their beehive, a private tasting experience, and an immersive range of nature-based activities.

Taste the Savory Yield of Castelfalfi’s Fruit & Vegetable Garden

Toscana Resort Castelfalfi is committed to maintaining a sustainable and healthy philosophy in every area of the estate, including organic fruit and vegetable production. To platform the importance of the eco-conscious farming movement, the estate offers guests the “Savors of Castelfalfi’s Garden” experience. Along with Executive Chef Francesco Ferretti and the horticulturist team, guests will explore the garden and learn first-hand about the cultivation process on property. Guests are then invited to the Francesco Ferretti restaurant for a three-course menu made up of organic vegetables and aromatic herbs from the garden. The garden and dining experience are available to guests twice a week.

Smell (& Taste) Organic Wine & Olive Oil

For centuries, the Village of Castelfalfi has been surrounded by olive groves and vineyards that stretch along the hills, with its history closely linked to organic oil and wine production. Once on property, guests can enjoy vineyard tours followed by wine tastings in the cellars to learn more about how the wine and olive oil are produced. The estate maintains an organic production process that ensures a high-quality product and unique taste for the estate’s five red wine labels, one white label, the Vinsanto and the rosé wine, along with the two local beers and an annual production of nearly 3,500 liters of extra-virgin olive oil.

See What the Idyllic Tuscan hills Have to Offer

With a castle, 15th century church, luxury boutique hotel, 27-hole golf course, expansive wellness spa and four restaurants, all set amidst 2,700 acres of protected terrain replete with vineyards, olive groves, lakes, and a wildlife reserve, Castelfalfi is a destination within itself, offering unparalleled views of the surrounding Tuscan landscapes. The ultimate rural playground for outdoor enthusiasts, guests can take advantage of all the estate’s restorative activities available including guided e-bike sunset rides through the vineyards, wellness hikes, horse riding, and the best golfing in the region. Golf enthusiasts can visit Toscana Resort Castelfalfi’s new clubhouse and tee off on two modern courses spanning 9,000 meters of green hillside.

Touch Local & Soothing Organic Ingredients

The resort’s five-star Spa extends a range of soothing treatments made from local organic ingredients, and provides a peaceful place to find calm, in keeping with the property’s commitment to holistic wellbeing. An 11,000 square-foot rejuvenating sanitarium, La Spa boasts a wide range of spiritual treatments and nature-inspired beauty rituals, indoor and outdoor pools, Finnish and bio saunas, sensory showers, and relaxation areas.

Additional activities on the estate include truffle hunting, Vespa and Ferrari experiences, and a range of culinary experiences including outdoor cooking classes for guests to discover first-hand how to create classic Tuscan dishes using fresh produce from the estate. For further information, visit www.castelfalfi.com.