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Amenities Innovations from Some of Our Industry’s Leading Suppliers


NATIONAL REPORT—Green Lodging News recently reached out to our industry’s amenities companies, giving them each an opportunity to highlight one of their latest products. Not every company responded but here is a roundup of what each company sent to me—in no particular order and in their words:


Kure’s stainless brackets and aluminum cylinders offer a more sustainable, elegant alternative to plastic dispensers. Catering to luxury hoteliers and discerning guests, Kure dispensers stand out for their sophisticated beauty, customized designs, and ease of use.

  • Sleek aluminum and stainless design; no plastic bottles
  • Fully customizable digital printing; Stock designs also available
  • Easy cleaning refill process—takes just seconds right in the shower
  • Ergonomic lever allows guest to use just one hand
  • Tamper-proof lid
  • Hygienic internal pump that does not get exposed to germs when refilling
  • Volume: 12 ounces

Free standing vanity dispensers coming soon! Go to info@kureproducts.com, or call (800) 723-7502.

Dispenser Amenities

WAVE View Dispenser. A beautiful way to see the end of waste! Elegantly designed locking WAVE Dispensers with soft swooping curves and an attractive liquid level window in the screen-printed lids. Your guests will love the ease of dispensing their favorite liquids with just a press of the lid. Plus, they will appreciate the environmental initiative your hotel has chosen. There is a lifetime warranty on the pumps and a two-year warranty on the components. Available as a bulk refillable or closed cartridge system. This dispenser will provide you with years of trouble-free service. For over twenty-five years we at Dispenser Amenities have had a singular focus, to reduce the number of small plastic amenity bottles being sent to over-burdened landfills around the world!

For more information, e-mail info@dispenser-amenities.com or call (800) 639-4756.

RSA RoomService Amenities

Looking for a clean, modern, and minimalistic amenities dispensing solution? Say goodbye to bulky, hard to clean and install mounting hardware with our new wall mounted “Invisible Bracket” Pump Bottle System. Enhance your guest experience while reducing operating costs with this new customizable solution from RSA RoomService Amenities.

Large capacity 475 mL (16 oz.) bottles with locking pump feature a visible fill line and contain EcoPure bioadditive to aid in the biodegradation process. Tamper-proof pumps are fixed to the bottle neck, which ensures guest safety and product integrity. For a clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance, the “Invisible Bracket” easily mounts to the wall where it is fully hidden by the mounted bottle.

Please contact RSA for more information about this exciting new dispensing solution. Call (732) 591-0500 or e-mail sales@rsaroomservice.com.


Erwyn has long felt the biggest downside to dispensers, except that most not being tamper resistant, was the dispenser units themselves. Bulky, heavy, institutional looking designs seemed the only available option that was not wildly expensive. So, when we decided to design our own, we knew it had to be affordable, sleek, safe, and unseen.

Key Features:

  • Single, Double & Triple units
  • High quality 18/8 Stainless Steel construction
  • Tamper-resistant design
  • Great price, Great Value
  • No wasted product
  • Significant product cost reduction
  • 12 oz Capacity per bottle
  • Refillable as needed
  • Available in four Erwyn Amenity collections; Bei Capelli, My Earth, Revolve & Drift.

See the dispensers at the front of this catalog. Call (800) 331-9208 or e-mail ContactUs@erwyn.com.


LATHER formulates natural, high-performing, safe skincare and wellness products to help our guests feel like their best selves. Taking cues from nature, we use essential oils and non-toxic ingredients to invigorate the body, face, hair and mind. Dedicated to “clean beauty” for ​over 20 years, all products are free of synthetic fragrance, colors, parabens, sulfates and mineral oil. We offer LATHER branded and custom formulated in-room collections, including Turndown, Clean Travel and large format sizing.  Contact LATHER via email at sales@lather.com or by phone at (626) 397-9050 ext. 208. Learn more at www.latherhotel.com.

Gilchrist & Soames

Retail style bottles are the star attraction of Gilchrist & Soames’ latest dispenser. The disappearing Mini-Bracket accommodates a non-refillable retail style bottle. Each locking aluminum Mini-Bracket is easily mounted with 3M tape and opened using a key, enabling the bottle to slide seamlessly into position, before closing the lid to secure. The discreet bracket remains hidden behind each bottle.

Bottles feature an inconspicuous liquid viewing window so housekeeping staff know when it is time to replace and recycle. A variety of brands are available in this solution or alternatively you can create custom graphics.

Call (833) 390-0772 or go to customer@gilchristsoames.com.

ECO POD by Hotel Emporium

The ECO POD is the ultimate zero-plastic sustainable solution for your hotel! Never worry about single-use plastic amenities, pollution, heavy liquid formulations, and bacteria build-up again! Our unique powder formulation is packaged in a pod made of 60 percent bamboo fiber, 30 percent sugarcane fiber, and 10 percent wood fiber, which creates a lightweight, stackable product for lighter transportation and a lower carbon footprint. Their compact size saves space in any hotel bathroom and allows each guest to have their own personal pod. Easy to use, easy to ship, and easy to compost, we are paving the way to a zero-plastic future.

For more information, e-mail jbojovic@hotelemporium.com, or call (310) 329-4141.

Public Goods

“We are delighted to introduce Public Goods, our new brand partner, to the hospitality industry. Our companies share the same values: a commitment to sustainability, a promise to give back, a focus on guest well-being, and beautiful design that works in every space,” says Mary Ann Pettorini, President, Principle Brands, a woman-owned amenity company in Washington D.C.

From product formulations that nurture with pure essential oils—free of sulfates, parabens and toxic additives—to refillable dispensers and bulk packaging created from sugarcane, every Public Goods shipment is carbon offset and a tree is planted for every order. It is all good.

Contact Mary Ann Pettorini at (202) 450-7392 or by e-mail at map@pbanddinc.com.

Pineapple Hospitality

At Pineapple, we approach the product selection process like shoppers looking for a ripe pineapple at a produce stand, leveraging our experience and relationships to make sure we serve up satisfying options that are ready to go. The Tommy Bahama brand of products and dispensing systems is a great example of the many options we can offer within a collection. Contact us today for more information on any of our collections. We look forward to serving you!

Call (636) 922-2285 or e-mail sales@pineapplehospitality.net.

Preserve Ocean Plastic Initiative

Preserve Ocean Plastic Initiative (POPi) makes great products from plastic that was rescued from coastlines and waterways and was at risk of entering the ocean. Through the sale of POPi products, we are proud to support organizations having a positive impact on ocean health.

POPi Toothbrush

  • Dentist-designed, East-to Grip Curved handle
  • Available in Soft Bristles only
  • Available in Coral, Charcoal and Neptune
  • Toothbrush handles made from recycled HDPE ocean plastic and recycled polypropylene plastic; bristles made from new nylon
  • Recyclable through Preserve’s mail-in recycling program

For more information contact Jenny Frain at (781) 893.2207, x 120, or e-mail jenny.frain@preserve.eco.

Glenn Hasek can be reached at greenlodgingnews@gmail.com.