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Is Shaming on the Way for Hotels in Japan?


According to a report in The Japan News, a government system for ranking service-sector companies on their energy-saving achievements will begin on a full-fledged basis next fiscal year. Under the system, a scheme will be introduced for awarding “stars” to companies with excellent records. Companies that have made excellent achievements will obtain stars, but those with poor results will face consequences, such as public naming. With the star ranking system, the government aims to foster competition among companies to save more energy. This will help prevent global warming and boost related investments.

Starting next fiscal year, the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry will start evaluating the energy-saving efforts of hotel operators. The evaluation will comprise four categories. About 200 companies whose energy consumption for factors including air-conditioning, cooking and lighting exceed a certain level will be subject to the evaluation. Each year, the ministry will make those companies report how much electricity, gas and other energy resources they consumed.

The ministry will recognize companies ranked in the top 10 percent to 20 percent as “S class,” meaning they have made excellent achievements. Companies recognized as S-class for two years or more will be rewarded with up to five stars. In contrast, companies that continue to consume more electricity will face action from the ministry, such as being ordered to make plans to improve energy consumption. If they do not comply, the ministry will impose administrative punishments, such as naming them.