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Is Green-Certified Carpet Cleaning for You?


NATIONAL REPORT—Many of us have concerns over how cleaning products are harming us and the environment. The chemicals in cleaning products have been proven to cause serious illnesses such as respiratory disease and cancer. And when these chemicals get rinsed down drains, they move into our ecosystem, where they contaminate and harm plants and animals.

For this reason, many homeowners and businesses are using green-certified cleaning products for their daily cleaning needs. These products are sustainable and better for the environment than traditional cleaning products. It is easy for homeowners to control what cleaning products they’re using inside their own homes.

As a hotel owner, you also have options. It is possible to buy green-certified cleaning products in bulk that your cleaning personnel can use.

However, sometimes you’ll reach the point where your normal cleaning routine isn’t enough. During a normal cleaning routine, your cleaning staff are likely vacuuming every room each day or after a guest leaves. Vacuuming is enough to pick up any dander, dirt, hair, and other debris that might be on the surface of carpet and rugs.

What vacuuming doesn’t pick up, however, is all the allergens that are getting embedded into the deep fibers of the carpet. Eventually, this dirt and grime can cause carpets to start looking dingy and dirty. Hidden allergens can also trigger asthma and other respiratory problems. And, of course, vacuuming does nothing to lift stains from carpet.

How Often Do Carpets Need Deep Cleaned?

Once carpets reach a certain point, the only way to lift embedded debris or stains from them is through deep cleaning. Most homes only need to deep clean their carpet once every 12 months. However, hotels receive more foot traffic and will need to deep clean their carpets every few months.

There are also several other factors that might force you to have to clean your carpets more often. If you have small children or pets staying in your lodgings, more frequent deep cleanings might be necessary to get rid of the remnants of any accidents, spills, or muddy footprints. The color of your carpet may also require you to clean it more frequently. Dirt and stains will be more apparent on lighter colors than on darker colors. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it will be a good reminder that it is time for deep cleaning, but lighter colors may be harder to keep spotless.

What Eco-friendly Options are Available for Deep Cleaning Carpets?

The good news is that deep cleaning your carpet through steam cleaning or hot carbonating extraction cleaning doesn’t require harsh chemicals.

Many assume that steam cleaning requires the use of chemicals, but this isn’t true. Some machines only require water. For machines that do require a detergent, you can use vinegar instead of a chemical. When you steam clean, you will first vacuum the room carefully to pick up any loose debris. You’ll then fill the machine with water and/or vinegar, slowly run the machine over your carpet in the direction instructed by the machine, then allow the carpet to dry completely. Steam cleaning works by heating water past boiling point and then forcing the steam into the carpet fibers to loosen dirt and allergens.

The only downside with steam cleaning is that it requires a lot of water. That is why some people and companies such as Chem-Dry of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley are moving to hot carbonating extraction cleaning instead. With this method, a carpet extractor pushes a boiling green-certified carbonated cleaning solution into the fibers of the carpet. The bubbles then lift dirt and other allergens to the surface of the carpet, where extraction equipment within the machine removes the debris and most of the liquid.

Should You DIY or Hire a Company?

After you decide to deep clean your carpets, you’ll need to determine if you want to do it yourself with your existing staff or hire a professional company.

Steam cleaners and carpet extractors are expensive to buy. However, if you have a large hotel and will be frequently deep cleaning your carpets, this price can be justified. Once you have the machine, you can train your existing staff on how to use it. Having your own machine is also handy for those times where a guest might accidentally get sick within the hotel or spill something on your floors. This allows you to immediately deep clean your carpet before a stain sets in. Immediately deep cleaning can also help keep germs from spreading.

If you’re already short-staffed and don’t have the manpower to add deep cleaning to your staff’s cleaning routine, you might want to consider hiring a company. A company will bring their own machines so that you don’t have to worry about the cost of buying and maintaining a machine. They’ll then clean your carpets for you, which will free up your existing staff to do their normal cleaning routine.

What Should You Look for in a Company?

If you do decide to outsource a company, make sure to carefully review their website to see what their cleaning process is. Most companies will list their procedures somewhere on the site, including whether they use chemicals. If you can’t find the information on their website, you’ll need to call them to ask about their services and what products they use.

Price compare several companies and the services they offer. Keep in mind that companies offering lower prices might not be using green-certified materials or may force you to buy more expensive services once they start cleaning. A good company will be upfront about all the services provided in the price, as well as tell you if they suspect there will be charges for additional services.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been putting off deep cleaning your carpets because you’re afraid of harsh chemicals, consider steam cleaning your carpets or using hot carbonating extraction cleaning instead. Both are eco-friendly methods that will get rid of that dirt and grime lurking within the fibers of your carpet.