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Invisible Urban Charging, JLL Launch Global Partnership


NEW YORK—Invisible Urban Charging announced that it has partnered with global leader in project development and management JLL to roll out and service large-scale banks of electric vehicle (“EV”) chargers worldwide.

Under the terms of the partnership, JLL will serve as IUC’s exclusive Project Management partner, providing a global installation capability through JLL’s network of electrical contractors, logistics, and signage partners, with all chargers connected to IUC’s proprietary core software platform to deploy and provide maintenance for large numbers of EV charger banks at heavily trafficked sites.

“To meet the growing need for better EV charging infrastructure, you need partners able to deliver globally with excellence and JLL has a proven track record of doing just that,” said Nigel Broomhall, Co-Founder and CEO of IUC. “We are also exceptionally proud that JLL understands the vision for IUC’s platform and approach that can help the world continue its path to electrification. Together, we will build on our success domestically and roll out large-scale deployments of chargers worldwide.”

‘Shared Goal of Expanding the EV Footprint Worldwide’

“We are excited to partner with IUC to provide end-to-end solutions that will transform the spaces where people live and work by leveraging our global expertise and industry-leading technologies,” said Ken Demske, National Director, Multi-Site, Project and Development Services at JLL. “This partnership allows both companies to harness their combined power to work toward their shared goal of expanding the EV footprint worldwide and shaping a more sustainable future.”

The global partnership builds on several successful high-density deployments of EV chargers throughout the United States. Together, IUC and JLL have successfully deployed banks of chargers in Florida, Arizona, Illinois, and Georgia. Globally, JLL operates in 80 countries with 300 offices, which provides the necessary local presence to deliver logistical support and services at scale. In addition to partnering with JLL on deployment, IUC is also leveraging JLL’s research and sustainability teams to provide timely intelligence on opportunity sourcing based on local need, regulatory standards, and current and expected capacity.

By partnering with major property owners, IUC and JLL facilitate on-site EV charging at scale, helping meet the estimated demand for nearly 7 million chargers in the United States and Europe by 2030. Over the next 12 to 18 months, IUC plans to deploy more than 80,000 EV chargers across the United States and Europe.