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Inspired Nature Collection from Tarkett Explores the Wonder of Nature


SOLON, OHIO—A worldwide leader in sustainable and innovative flooring solutions, Tarkett is launching a new collection that imagines a more balanced world, one where mankind’s influence on nature is less apparent.

Inspired Nature is a new collection of modular carpet and Powerbond hybrid resilient sheet, along with a coordinating digitally printed LVT, that explores the wonder of nature and its ability to heal. The collection was born at the height of global isolation—a time when we saw the natural world beginning to restore itself to a healthier balance. We saw a resurgence of cleaner air. A reduction in water and noise pollution. We saw tangible examples of what happens when we minimize our impact.

“Nature has a way of giving you what you need. Surrounded by the vastness of the natural world, you feel comforted. Healed. Connected to what matters. You feel inspired to find your unique balance,” said Tommy Keener, Senior Design Director for Tarkett North America. “The Inspired Nature collection explores the question, “What happens when we let nature be? What will emerge? What new understandings of nature and ourselves will we find?”

Three Soft Surface Styles

The Inspired Nature collection includes three soft surface styles and one coordinating LVT that interpret endless vistas of desert, tundra, and clouds to evoke an expansive, regenerative world.

  • Painted Desert is a colorpoint construction offered in modular tile, inspired by the wind-worn terrain of the canyon landscape.
  • Tundra Flower is offered in modular tile and Powerbond, inspired by seedlings piercing arid clay.
  • Sky Atlas is offered in modular tile, inspired by the amorphic shapes of clouds in a renewed, clear sky.
  • Metamorphic is a digitally printed LVT offered in two colorways and is protected by Tarkett’s proprietary Techtonic technology. In layers of shaded lines, Metamorphic LVT creates a calming sense of stone with soft, directional movement.

Metamorphic LVT is also included in the LVT Studio as part of the Tailored by Tarkett program, so it can be recolored to coordinate with a customer’s project. With soft, organic patterning, these styles are designed to work in tandem to help people find their own unique sense of balance.

Whether in modular carpet or hybrid resilient sheet, the Inspired Nature collection features several proprietary technologies that contribute to a healthier indoor environment and a healthier planet.

  • Inspired Nature modular designs are offered on Tarkett’s ethos Modular with Omnicoat Technology carpet backing. ethos is non-PVC, made with PVB film from recycled windshields and safety glass, and contains 48 to 64 percent overall recycled content.
  • ethos is Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver, and Tarkett has analyzed and optimized 100 percent of ethos materials for human and environmental health. ethos products are manufactured in Dalton, Ga., in a facility that operates on 100 percent renewable electricity and a 98 percent water reduction since 1993.
  • Inspired Nature is certified carbon-neutral through the CarbonfreeEvery 10,000 square yards of ethos Modular carpet tile avoids 53 MT CO2 eq of GHG emissions compared to the industry average. That equates to 12 vehicles being taken off the road for one year, or carbon sequestered by 875 seedlings grown for 10 years.
  • All soft-surface flooring produced by Tarkett North America is free of all six classes of harmful chemicals and PFAS. Eco-Ensure soil protection technology has a Cradle to Cradle Material Health Certificate at the Platinum level, solidifying Tarkett’s commitment to using materials that are safe for both human and environmental health.

For more information, visit contract.tarkett.com/inspirednature.