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Innovative New Paper Solution Aims to Combat Paper Packaging Waste


MIAMI—While most consumers assume that paper products eventually disintegrate or are recycled, the truth is that a majority of paper products, including coffee cups, take-out containers, pizza boxes and more, are coated with polyethylene, which prevents leaks and liquid absorption, but renders them unfit for recycling. While polyethylene products eventually do decompose, greenhouse gases are released in the process, and harmful chemicals are released when this coating is exposed to hot food or beverages.

J&J Green Paper, an innovative paper products technology firm based out of Miami, spent the past eight years developing an inventive and cutting-edge solution to the critical issue of paper waste, more than half of which is produced for packaging. J&J Green Paper’s unique compound is organic, biodegradable, compostable and completely recyclable, meaning that discarded J&J Green Paper products could be thrown in consumers’ gardens without any detrimental effects to the environment, in addition to saving water and trees that are wasted during the traditional recycling process.

“We have created unique, environmentally friendly pellets that produce water resistant coatings for paper and paper packaging without the use of toxic oil-based products. Companies and consumers no longer have to sacrifice quality to promote the environment,” pointed out Raul Sanchez-Elia, President of J&J Green Paper.

In a step that will revolutionize the paper industry and contribute to a more sustainable future, J&J Green Paper licensed its proprietary sustainable paper product formula to CST Green Resources Limited (CST) of Hong Kong in a deal with undisclosed terms. CST plans to manufacture paper products using J&J’s breakthrough technology in facilities in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore with plans for eventual distribution throughout the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region.

More Needs to be Done by Manufacturers

As a result of the ever-growing paper product industry, the ASEAN region is creating a nightmare for these developing countries anxious to grow their economies without sacrificing the environment. In fact, data shows that ASEAN countries release about 1.5 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually. Progress has begun to be made, with measures like the Indonesian government’s July 2020 ban on plastic bags in Jakarta, but more needs to be done by manufacturers to combat the environmental effects of all single-use packaging, including paper.

The CST licensing deal is projected to replace 50,000 tons of polyethylene during the first year with the expectation of reaching 300,000 tons by year three. To put those numbers in perspective, 50,000 tons of the J&J compound would equate to 26 billion 9-ounce coffee cups alone. Considering that the global polyethylene market is estimated at 51 million tons, it is clear that J&J’s formula is a viable solution to eliminating the widespread use of harmful materials and reducing the water and trees used to produce traditional paper goods.

“We at J&J Green Paper have been researching and developing a solution to the harmful effects of polyethylene coating for years now, and we are thrilled to announce that our vision has come to fruition. Our proprietary formula has the capability to offer a sustainable future for upcoming generations as well as to prevent the harmful effects to our bodies that polyethylene products produce,” said Sanchez-Elia.

“Our deal with CST enables them to meet the needs of an emerging global marketplace where forward-thinking governments have taken strong steps to curtail the production of harmful, non- environmentally friendly consumer disposables. Our technology affords paper manufacturers seamless adoption and unparalleled quality while at the same time our technology enables them to make paper and paper products with the people and planet foremost in mind,” Sanchez-Elia continued.

The CST deal is the first step in J&J’s global expansion strategy to make its cost effective and environmentally responsible technology available to companies worldwide who see the need to adopt greener product approaches for their business operations.

Discussions are underway with a number of companies in different parts of the world regarding the use of J&J technology for paper and paper packaging. The company expects to announce additional deals in the coming months.