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Innisfree Hotels Welcomes New Director of Sustainability, Brittney Barnett

Brittney Barnett

GULF BREEZE, FLA.—Innisfree Hotels announces the appointment of Brittney Barnett as Director of Sustainability. Barnett comes to Innisfree with more than seven years’ experience in development economics, urban and regional planning, and sustainability.

As Director of Sustainability, Barnett will focus on building out the “Planet” portion of Innisfree’s Triple Bottom Line, which prioritizes People, Planet, and Profit as key components of the company’s culture and operations. Focusing on implementing environmental initiatives, Barnett hopes to foster company-wide regenerative practices and mitigate the overall environmental impact of Innisfree’s portfolio.

“I am most looking forward to engaging with our guests, the communities in which we operate, and forging relationships with employees at operating hotels through educational programs and training,” said Barnett. “As we emerge from the pandemic, the hospitality industry represents unique challenges, yet immense opportunities for climate action. Innisfree intends to lead in this space by focusing on spreading awareness and enabling transformative change.”

An American Planning Association (AICP) certified planner and a LEED Green Associate, Barnett comes to Innisfree with a documented understanding of the latest green building standards and a strong commitment to ethical urban planning.

One of Barnett’s Tasks 

“The tourism industry is no doubt one of the most energy-consuming in the world. As Director of Sustainability, Brittney Barnett will ensure that we are constantly on the cutting edge of what’s new in climate action,” said Ted Ent, President and CEO of Innisfree Hotels.

Innisfree’s new sustainability program will be piloted this Fall and ramp up efforts in 2022. The program will focus on Climate Action, Resource Preservation, Ecological Balance, and Health and Wellbeing. Additionally, the company has selected several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to pursue.

Another part of Innisfree’s sustainability efforts will include pursuing Green Key Global’s Eco-Rating certification, which is recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). Thus far, the company has made several positive changes in its pursuit of the certification, including energy efficiency measures, increasing recycling, reducing single-use plastics, and seeking out renewable energy options—all of which are becoming more dire.

As Barnett explains, “In light of our climate reality, I am committed to guiding Innisfree’s sustainability journey to lead the industry—by believing that prioritizing People and Planet will result in prosperity for all.”

For more information on Innisfree Hotels’ Sustainability Program, visit https://innisfreehotels.com/corporate-social-responsibility-program/.