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Inn by the Sea at La Jolla Deploys FloWater Refill Stations


DENVER—With FloWater Refill stations now on every floor, the Inn by the Sea at La Jolla has eliminated plastic water bottles from guestrooms, recently becoming the 100th hotel property to deploy FloWater Refill Stations. Other early adopters include the Beverly Hills Hilton, the world renowned Miraval Spa Resort in Tucson, the Greystone Hotel Properties in San Francisco, and the Terranea resort in southern California.

As travelers take to the road for an expected busy summer travel season, more and more are packing their reusable water bottles. In fact, reusable water bottle sales are expected to hit nearly $10 billion by 2023. It’s inevitable: As consumers ditch the plastic water bottle, they are turning to hotels and resorts that deliver a more sustainable stay, including better water, without the plastic.

According to Sheldon Joyner, General Manager at the Inn by the Sea at La Jolla, “Our guests don’t want plastic bottles, and they expect better from us, and that’s what we are delivering with the enhanced FloWater experience. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and our housekeeping staff is very happy not to have those heavy cases of bottled water on their carts.”

The Inn is also saving money by eliminating the material and labor costs of providing guests with water in plastic bottles. Their FloWater Refill stations are conveniently located next to the elevators on each floor, and they provide biodegradable cups and sell branded reusable water bottles for guests who arrive without their own.

System Includes Coconut Carbon Filter

With new and innovative water purification technology, FloWater Refill Stations completely eliminate the need for plastic bottles by transforming ordinary tap water into the purest, best-tasting water available. During purification, the FloWater technology alkalizes and oxygenates the water and adds minerals and electrolytes for better hydration. A coconut carbon filter “finishes” the water for a clean, crisp taste. Different from other water delivery systems, FloWater Refill Stations are also self-sanitizing and feature an on-demand delivery system that provides perfectly chilled water in less than 10 seconds.

Incubated in Silicon Valley, FloWater is on a mission to eliminate 1 billion single-use bottles by 2023, and, since incorporating in 2013, the company has already eliminated over 35 million at leading corporations like Red Bull, Microsoft, Target and the Gap, and at hotels, schools, events and retail outlets nationwide.

“Consumers are driving a major shift away from plastic bottles where they work, work out, go to school and travel,” Says FloWater CEO and Co-founder, Rich Razgaitis. “The average hotel guest generates about two pounds of waste per night. Multiply this by the millions of hotels worldwide and the plastic water bottles used by guests in hotel rooms, meeting rooms, lobbies and behind the scenes, and the amount of plastic waste is enormous.”