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Indianapolis May See One of Midwest’s First LEED-Certified Hotels


INDIANAPOLIS—Ralston Square, a $60 million condominium and retail project proposed for downtown Indianapolis, includes a hotel that will pursue Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification. The boutique-style hotel, which will include 150 to 160 rooms, will be part of a 10-story building located just two blocks from the new Lucas Oil Stadium, the future home of the Indianapolis Colts. The developer for the project is Indianapolis-based Ralston Square Ltd. Liability LLC. The architectural firm designing the complex is Ratio Architects, also of Indianapolis.

The steel and brick building will have a rooftop terrace planted in grass or gardens, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, and a solar shading mesh on its west side. The green features are expected to cost $500,000 more than a conventional building design.

“We are going to be looking at the envelope of the building and plan to orient it on an east/west axis, shading the south side and insulating the north side,” says William Browne Jr., principal architect at Ratio. “We also plan to incorporate low-flow showerheads, water collection and recycling, and energy-efficient mechanical systems.”

Browne says attempts will be made to procure construction materials from within a 500-mile radius. Construction waste will be recycled. While there are several LEED-certified buildings in Indiana, they are not privately-financed projects.

“Private development is just starting to embrace this,” Browne says. “Finally, there appears to be a real interest. Our firm is championing green building.”

If financing is found, groundbreaking could occur in the spring, with the opening in late 2009 or early 2010.

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