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IAQ 2007 Conference to Discuss Sustainable Buildings


ATLANTA—Healthy and sustainable buildings are the talk of the building industry, but what exactly defines what a healthy building is? ASHRAE will discuss this and other topics at its IAQ 2007: Healthy and Sustainable Buildings conference in Baltimore. The event will be held Oct. 15 to 17.

IAQ 2007 will address what tools and metrics can be used to quantify buildings’ health and sustainability and how indoor air quality can be certified as sustainable. Plenary session speakers will compare the functionality of rating systems, how they can be improved and what information other than the ratings can developers, designers and public entities use to distinguish high-performing buildings.

Kevin Hydes, chair of the board of directors of the U.S. Green Building Council, will address the Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design building rating system and case studies. Nils Larsson, executive director of the International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment, will cover the same questions for other rating systems, labels and green building/IAQ metric tools.

“Buildings’ health and efficiency impact everyone,” says Larry Schoen, chair of the committee organizing the conference. “It’s important to discuss how our designs as building professionals will affect the occupants’ lives and the global community for many years to come. This conference will help attendees learn how we can work together to maximize sustainability.”

The conference is open to anyone with a stake in the built environment or with an interest in indoor air quality, including researchers, policy makers, owners, designers, builders, building operators and remediation experts.