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Hydropods Announces Strategic Partnership with Cropbox


cropboxcontainer2Denver—Hydropods, Inc., a Denver-based technology company, announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with Clinton, N.C.-based CropBox, to integrate its cloud-based grow controllers into their shipping container agricultural systems.

“We’re proud of this partnership with CropBox,” said Ted Tanner, CEO of Hydropods. “CropBox is already in use by some major restaurants and retailers and we’re excited by their growth potential. We admire their mission to bring local farming to more communities, providing safe nutritious food grown in a sustainable environment.”

A CropBox, manufactured by greenhouse builder Williamson Greenhouses, is a repurposed shipping container that can fit 2,800 planting spots in the available 320 square feet. These containers are outfitted with grow lights, planting racks, a heating and ventilation system and all of the necessary hydroponic components, such as the reservoir and pump. CropBox uses 90 percent less water than conventional farms and greenhouse operations, 80 percent less fertilizer, no pesticides, and yields as much as a one acre field or a 2,200 square-foot hydroponic greenhouse.

Remote Monitoring Via CropBox App

Following an extensive vetting process, CropBox selected Hydropods to be their technology provider. The Hydropods Grow Controllers have a variety of sensors to monitor and control the environment and nutrient system, which growers can access from their smartphones using the CropBox App.

The App, available in the Apple App store and Google Play, connects to the Hydropods Grow Controllers and allows users to monitor sensor data in real time, view real-time video, and control any connected devices. Users can set up rules including sensor triggers, timers, and schedules to automate the grow process. Soon, users will be able to download grow programs, providing optimized configurations for various vegetables and herbs.

“We wanted the system to be as reliable and easy-to-use as possible, and Hydropods provides that,” said Tripp Williamson, CEO of Williamson Greenhouses and CropBox. “We deliver our customers their CropBox with the Hydropods technology fully installed, ready for them to configure for their planting needs.”

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