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HRS CEO Tobias Ragge Named Among 25 Most Influential Corporate Travel Executives

HRS CEO Tobias Ragge

NEW YORK—Business Travel News, the leading trade publication covering the $1.4 trillion global managed travel and procurement industry, named HRS CEO Tobias Ragge among the 25 Most Influential Executives of 2021. This marks the fourth time in the past seven years that Ragge is included in this prestigious collection of prominent industry leaders.

Citing HRS’ accomplishments via the introduction of its groundbreaking Green Stay Initiative, Business Travel News editors commended Ragge and the HRS team in its December 13 issue.

“Several hotel companies have said that the number of requests from buyers about sustainability practices has skyrocketed in the past year. One problem: there is no single industry standard for how to measure a hotel’s sustainability footprint. Enter corporate lodging platform HRS. CEO Tobias Ragge saw the growing need for sustainability data. In March, the company launched its Green Stay Initiative, which uses a proprietary formula to give hotels a sustainability score. By late November, corporate buyers from 70 countries were part of HRS’ corporate lodging forums and sustainability labs, and hotels from 72 countries were participating and being scored.”

HRS today works with 35 percent of the global Fortune 500 on their hotel programs, as well as the world’s leading hotel chains, regional hospitality groups and independent hotels.

Many Corporate Hotel Programs Participating

Dozens of the world’s leading corporate hotel programs have incorporated the technology into their procurement process. In recognition of the importance of sustainability data as companies select preferred lodging suppliers, hotels are getting on board in rapid fashion. Last quarter, the world’s largest hotel brand and Europe’s largest hotel operator announced their plans to participate.

Upon honoring the Green Stay Initiative with a Business Traveler Innovation Award in September, SmartBrief praised HRS for “integrating a broad array of data sources to help conscientious companies and their travelers travel smarter. As business travel resumes, applications like this should be integrated into travel planning as broadly as possible.”

“I believe that sustainability issues will have the biggest impact on managed travel since the dawn of the Internet. Our Green Stay Initiative is off to a good start. I credit our clients as well as my HRS colleagues for collaborating on the development of a transparent solution that meets the needs of both buyers and suppliers,” said Ragge. “As for the BTN honor, it’s truly a tribute to the hundreds of HRS employees around the world who continue to innovate and work creatively—in the midst of unforeseen changes and challenges spawned by the pandemic—to impact how companies will work, stay and pay in 2022 and beyond.”