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How to Make Your Accommodations Eco-friendlier Without Sacrificing Comfort


NATIONAL REPORT—When it comes to being more eco-friendly, the first place to start is your hotel. There are several different steps you can take in order to make your home more environmentally friendly, and the good news is that with so many options out there these days, it’s entirely possible to create an environmentally friendly home that both looks fantastic and allows you to have all the comforts that you are used to. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Switch to Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

When it comes to cleaning your hotel, you will want to keep it all as sparkling and as fresh as possible—but did you know that many of the cleaning products you are probably using on a regular basis might be harmful to the environment? When it comes to cleaning your hotel, switching to eco-friendly cleaning products will ensure that toxins in the environment are kept to a minimum—plus it’s much better for your health.

Get Some Plants

Plants look great in any accommodation and the best part is they keep the air clean and toxin-free, allowing you to breathe more easily. House plants are a pretty and affordable option for improving air quality and there are so many to choose from. Larger plants can be a key feature in big rooms or if you’ve only got limited space, consider making a window garden or using shelves to create a collection of smaller plants without taking up too much room.

Upcycle Your Furniture

If you want to give your hotel a fresh look, upcycling furniture is a great alternative to buying new. You may find that a fresh coat of paint or a change of color is all that is needed when it comes to furniture pieces that you already have. Or, you can buy furniture second-hand or look for freebies online, then modify them to how you like using eco-friendly furniture paints. In addition to being better for the environment, you’ll also be able to save money.

Be Mindful When Buying New Things

If you must buy something new, then it’s always worth being mindful of the environment when it comes to your choices. A new appliance, for example, can make a big difference to your carbon footprint if you go for an eco-friendly model—look for the Energy Star rating. Some furniture items, like your mattress, are best bought new—so along with looking for an option that’s good for side and back sleepers, try to find one that’s made from eco-friendly materials. And, recycle your old mattress rather than simply throwing it away.

Get Crafty

If you enjoy upcycling furniture, then there are many other ways to let your creative juices flow when it comes to decorating your property. Instead of throwing them away, you can use items like old glass bottles to make pretty ornaments and vases with a cute bohemian look. Or, use old jars and cans to make your own candles—the opportunities are endless.

Get Organized with Recycling

Finally, getting organized and into a good routine with recycling will help make sure that you’re being as eco-friendly as possible with anything that you can’t reuse yourself. Along with trying to minimize the amount of non-reusable products that you consume, it’s a good idea to have a set recycling system in place. Use different bins for recycling various types of items and if you have the outdoor space, start a compost bin for food scraps—this can then be used to grow your own vegetables or plants.