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How Hotels Can Reduce Their Impact on The Environment


NATIONAL REPORT—Hotels need to be a place to go and enjoy your stay and feel like you are home. For it to feel like home, the hotel you go to needs to be clean at all times and going green should always be on the mind of the hotel owners. Due to the number of hotels, there is a slot for waste disposal in every hotel. Every hotel needs to take the initiative to go green, and the environment will always be clean. Hotels need to be more responsible with the amount of waste that they produce and implement greener practices. According to RED OHMS Group, below are just some of the things the hotels could do for this to happen.

Recycling—Hotels usually produce a lot of waste that is harmful to the environment; hotels need to start using recyclable materials such as cloth napkins instead of paper. You might say that napkins spread a lot of germs, but this is not the case when the napkins are changed on a regular basis. Some of the recycling hotels use things like sheets to make laundry bags, and tablecloths are being used to make napkins, neckties, and chef’s aprons.

Asks visitors to be green—You could write down what you want your visitors to do in the hotel. For example, you could place a list of instructions on the wall asking them to turn off lights when they leave; they could also reuse towels in case it’s only one guest. You could also place recycling bins around to show your visitors that you care for the environment; this will motivate your visitors to go green too.

Put up smart-energy sensors—When you want your hotel to go green, you could use technology to make this possible; things like intelligent energy management systems can assist you in curbing excessive use of energy in the hotel. This particular device can know if a specific hotel room is occupied; if it isn’t, it will automatically switch off the lights, the heating, and the air-conditioning if the windows are open. You can also use this automation to switch lights on and off inside the hotel or even in your gardens. When you use this automation, you will save a lot when it comes to energy.

Do away with single-use toiletries—Hotels should stop placing things like tiny shampoos, toothbrushes, soaps, and oils because often they end up being thrown away when the room gets cleaned. Luckily someone can carry them home and they will not be wasted, but hotels need to start putting bigger shampoos and more extensive amenities that can be reused for an extended period.

Offer locally-sourced food—When you want to save on transportation fees and save the environment, you can opt for local food. You will promote local industries, and you will be saving money in a two-way win. You could also make sure you buy food in small quantities to reduce food wastage.

Use keyless entry—Hotels should start using digital key technology and shun using plastic vital cards. This new investment can save you a lot of money and when your hotel is not so big, you can still save on the money you use to make the plastic key cards. You will save on the time, material, and expense of replacing lost key cards.


Conserving the environment needs to be on everyone’s mind, whether you have a hotel business or not. Everyone should opt to go green to live in a clean environment.