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Hotel Xcaret Arte Selected as a 2023 Sustainable Luxury Awards Winner


XCARET, RIVIERA MAYAXcaret announced that Hotel Xcaret Arte, an exclusive award-winning all-inclusive luxury hotel located along the shores of the Mexican Caribbean, has been recognized as a winner in the 2023 Sustainable Luxury Awards. The hotel, which pays homage to Mexican art, invites guests to live art from its creation and immerse themselves in sensorial experiences in sophisticated spaces while promoting a sustainable lifestyle through the innovative All-Fun Inclusive concept. The full list of awards can be found on Sustainable Luxury Awards | Winners.

“We are grateful and honored for receiving this prestigious award that recognizes, celebrates, and promotes the most sustainable luxury places worldwide,” said Liz Álvarez, Chief Commercial Officer for Grupo Xcaret. “This achievement reaffirms Xcaret’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, supporting projects and programs aimed at environmental conservation while showcasing profound respect for the region’s natural resources and traditional communities.”

Hotel Xcaret Arte was honored with a total of five awards, including one award for Xaak restaurant, and another for the hotel’s Muluk Spa, spanning various categories:

  • Most Sustainable Luxury Beach Hotel – Hotel Xcaret Arte (Country)
  • Most Sustainable Luxury Cultural Hotel – Hotel Xcaret Arte (Country)
  • Most Sustainable Luxury Seaside Hotel – Hotel Xcaret Arte (Country)
  • Most Sustainable Luxury Mexican Restaurant – Xaak (Continent)
  • Most Sustainable Luxury Traditional Spa – Muluk Spa (Region)

Nestled deep in the jungle and facing the turquoise Caribbean Sea, Hotel Xcaret Arte was developed with sustainability measures at the core of all stages including conception, design, construction, and operations. As a result, the hotel’s design delivers a harmonious coexistence with nature and makes efficient use of resources such as natural lighting and locally sourced materials for which it earned the internationally recognized EarthCheck Certification in Planning and Design.

On-site Water Purification Plant

Its commitment to preserving and conserving nature can also be observed in a myriad of initiatives including relocating trees used during the hotel’s construction, use of salt instead of chlorine to treat pools and bodies of water, providing guests with reusable cups and water bottles, filling over 2,600 bottles of water on-site at the hotel’s purification plant, growing organic herbs at their on-site garden for use in restaurants and planting native plants and trees on-site. Other sustainable programs and actions implemented by Xcaret to care for the environment include the conservation of the ecosystem through nurseries and reforestation efforts where over 91.5 hectares of mangroves have been successfully reforested, and the Sea Turtle, Elkhorn Coral and Red Macaws conservation programs focused on awareness, monitoring, restoration, and reintroduction of the species.

Exclusively for guests 16 years and older and featuring 900 suites, Hotel Xcaret Arte is a multiplier platform for Mexican art with décor, furniture, and crafts proudly made by Mexican artisans, immersing guests in carefully curated spaces full of artistic expression. Examples of Xcaret’s commitment to sustainability include supporting local communities and foundations through the purchase of handcrafted hammocks from more than 500 families from Indigenous communities in Yucatan, Talavera items made from communities in Puebla, nest lamps for each suite produced by local residents in the process of social reintegration turned artisans, mosaic tiles featuring original designs made by Yucatecan artisans, and Tenango paintings which take one year to create and are made in the Tenango region, among others.

Hotel Xcaret Arte also serves as a haven for artists and events that inspire and foster a professional connection with one’s inner being recently hosting exclusive art expositions, a gala by an internationally acclaimed ballerina and a classical music and dance festival with some of the best artists in the world. Inspired by Mexican traditions and highlighting different artistic expressions, the hotel created five distinct Casas offering a range of unique hands-on experiences for guests including workshops for textiles, painting, and pottery as well as Latin dance lessons.

The resort also offers a large variety of culinary options in restaurants led by renowned and Michelin-starred chefs from Xcaret’s Culinary Collective including Xaak, which features contemporary Mexican cuisine designed by four award-winning chefs using local and sustainable ingredients.

Spa Focused on Paper, Plastic Elimination

Muluk Spa, an award-winning world-class spa set among natural rocks and rivers, features a comprehensive wellness program where guests can enjoy a variety of treatments designed for relaxing body, mind, and being. The spa’s distinctive design encompasses 21 treatment rooms, including a signature suite with views overlooking a cenote. Furthermore, the spa has implemented a program aimed at reducing paper and plastic usage by 90 percent, aligning with the hotel’s sustainability initiatives. Additionally, spa employees consistently engage in training programs to ensure compliance with international quality standards such as Cristal.

The Sustainable Luxury Awards are a global celebration of sustainability and innovation within the luxury experiences industry. The awards recognize the companies and individuals that are committed to doing business in ways that are socially and environmentally responsible, and that make a positive global impact. The awards are voted on by an independent jury made up of specialists in luxury and sustainability who personally analyze each property using specific sustainability criteria to award the best properties in several categories.