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Honeywell to Launch New Connected Solutions at HITEC


ATLANTA—Honeywell, a global leader in connected buildings, will launch a suite of next-generation energy management software, smart lighting, voice controls, and secure cloud communication systems at HITEC 2018 in Houston. Through Honeywell technology, the hospitality industry can fully integrate energy management, safety and security systems, property management, and brand network operations for guestroom and building automation.

Leading Honeywell’s lineup of new products at HITEC is the INNCOM INNcontrol 5 energy management and guestroom automation control system. The cloud-based and on-premise system monitors real-time guestroom data from intelligent INNCOM devices, such as its e7 Thermostat, to improve a hotel’s energy savings, increase operational efficiency, and enhance the guest experience. Many operators report a return on investment of two years or less from INNcontrol system use. The INNcontrol 5 system is easily installed as an upgrade to the INNCOM INNcontrol3 system.

INNControl 5 also provides a completely new, enterprise level executive dashboard that displays property and portfolio operational status. The executive dashboard gives asset managers, REIT operators, and hotel portfolio directors information on property conditions for informed decisions based on timely data.

INNcontrol 5 expands the capabilities of Honeywell’s industry leading INNcontrol 3 Energy Management System. The Whaler on Kaanapali Beach Resort on the island of Maui credited INNcontrol 3 with more than 30 percent energy cost savings in the first eight months of use. The resort’s engineer estimated savings of more than $325,000 based on an energy reduction of 611,047 kWh during that period.

Historical Trend Reports on Room Usage

INNcontrol 5 gives hotel operators better insight on how to optimize energy use by generating historical trend reports on room usage, seasonal fluctuations and other factors. System data may be customized for particular staff positions and easily accessed to make it actionable. User group data is viewable in reports or read instantly on INNcontrol 5’s data dashboard. The data is valuable for identifying engineering tasks, notifying security of guestroom issues, and for use by other departments to optimize staffing levels.

The INNcontrol 5 system provides the open data exchange platform for Internet of Things (IoT) integration with centralized electronic locks, property management systems, in-room entertainment and other systems. INNcontrol 5 is also an entry point for consolidated Alexa voice control of compatible HVAC lighting, drapery and, amenity controls.

Spectre Guestroom Solution

Honeywell will also debut and demonstrate its new Spectre guestroom solution that merges smart thermostat technology with guestroom lighting controls. Spectre combines Honeywell’s e7 occupancy-detection wireless thermostat with intelligent, programmable wall outlets and lights to extend energy savings to guestroom lighting. The thermostat senses when guests enter the room and instantly communicates with lighting controls via a 2.4GHz RF to activate a “welcome” environment. When the room is unoccupied, the lights and outlets are turned off within a 30-minute time period to save energy. Spectre meets Title 24 Guest Room Occupancy Controls requirements for installations to support property compliance.

The Spectre solution communicates wirelessly, is easy to install, and requires no new cabling. This makes it ideal for retrofits, property upgrades and new construction. It is also easily integrated with electronic lock systems and may be used as part of an INNCOM standalone system or networked with energy management and property management systems. Spectre will be available in 3Q 2018.

INNcontrol 5 uses Honeywell Sentience—the company’s Internet of Things (IoT) and Data Analytics platform, which is an optional addition to Spectre. Through Honeywell Sentience, INNControl 5 Server bridges the communications between in-room devices and sensors, and the Honeywell Sentience Cloud, and also facilitates an on premise property management system interface. Honeywell connects the physical and digital worlds to create better experiences and insights for customers. For hotel owners, the data and analytics supported by Honeywell Sentience and displayed in INNcontrol 5 helps make properties more energy efficient, and rooms more comfortable for guests. For operators, artificial intelligence enabled by Honeywell Sentience can predict heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning problems before they occur to keep hotels running smoothly. Throughout a hotel, Honeywell’s connected solutions create better end-to-end experiences for guests and improve the property’s bottom line by reducing expenses and optimizing staffing.