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Hobart Offers Food Safety Fact Book for Dish Room Operations


TROY, OHIO—Hobart understands that health and safety issues are more top of mind now than ever before in a world dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. With last month recognized as Food Safety Month, Hobart is offering a free download of its Food Safety Fact Book as a resource for restaurants and kitchen operators to focus on the dish room and commercial dishwashers and better understand the terminology, procedures, best practices and technologies that help deliver a safe and quality dining experience.

“Knowing that cleanliness and sanitization are integral parts of food safety for every foodservice operation, it’s crucial to be informed about the standards and best practices that support food safety,” said Jerry Socha, Marketing Manager for Hobart Warewash. “We designed this Food Safety Factbook to help foodservice leaders build confidence in their food safety program by creating a safe experience for staff and customers.”

The Food Safety Fact Book shares information, guidelines and best practices about:

  • Food Safety Standards for the Dish Room;
  • Your Dish Machine & COVID-19;
  • Sanitization and the 5 Log Kill;
  • Common Myths About Sanitization;
  • Manual Washing Risks;
  • Best Practices for the Dish Room;
  • Dishwashing Options for Your Operation; and
  • Hobart’s Food Safety Technology for Commercial Dishwashers.

For more information and to access the free download of the Food Safety Fact Book, visit https://warewash.hobartcorp.com/factbook.