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Hilton Vancouver Washington Earns LEED Certification


VANCOUVER, WASH.—The Hilton Vancouver Washington—one of the country’s first green, environmentally sustainable hotels—has been certified under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating system, the nationally accepted benchmark for green buildings. This coveted certification recognizes buildings’ superior performance in areas such as water savings, low-impact landscaping, reduced energy use and indoor air quality. The Hilton Vancouver Washington is the first LEED-certified Hilton in the world and one of only a handful of LEED-certified hotels in the United States.

“We are obviously very proud to have a hotel in America’s Vancouver receive this prestigious certification,” says Mayor Royce Pollard. “It is in keeping with our focus on sustainability and shows that you can balance economic success with protecting our natural environment.”

Hilton Vancouver Washington General Manager Gerry Link announced the certification at a ceremony at the hotel, which opened in downtown Vancouver, Washington in 2005.

“Being one of the first hotels to be LEED-certified is a matter of pride to all of us who work at the Hilton Vancouver Washington,” Link says. “This hotel is proof that eco-friendliness and stylish accommodations can co-exist.”

Hotel’s Operations Examined

The hotel’s management is now turning its attention to “greening” the hotel’s operations. In addition to reducing waste and increasing recycling throughout the facility, they are working with Green Seal, a non-profit organization that promotes the manufacture, purchase and use of environmentally responsible products and services.

The Hilton Vancouver Washington is owned by the City of Vancouver and managed by Beverly Hills-based Hilton Hotels Corp. It is located across from the city’s Esther Short Park, with its extensive green space and facilities for public gatherings, and across the street from the Vancouver Farmers Market, which draws an average of 16,000 visitors each weekend to downtown Vancouver. The hotel is also near downtown Vancouver’s recently-developed, pedestrian-friendly community of shops, cafes, offices and housing.

“The Hilton Vancouver Washington is one of the jewels in the Hilton Hotels crown,” says Jeff Diskin, senior vice president of brand management and marketing at Hilton Hotels. “We believe that travel is more than simply going from A to B—it’s about the journey and discovering new and unique experiences—and now guests can enjoy these unique experiences in a way that is friendly to the environment.”

Nathan Read, the executive chef at Gray’s at the Park, the Hilton Vancouver Washington’s restaurant, has also incorporated a healthy, eco-friendly philosophy into his cooking. Read creates innovative dishes made with local and seasonal ingredients, some of which are supplied by the nearby Vancouver Farmers Market. He also buys produce, meat, fish, cheese, wine and bread from local farmers and producers.

The Hilton Vancouver Washington, designed by Fletcher Farr Ayotte Architects, was awarded a 2006 Global Vision Award from Travel + Leisure magazine and an Enviro-Management Award from the Washington State Hotel and Lodging Assn. for adopting forward-thinking policies and environmentally responsible practices.

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