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Hilton Richmond Handout a Great Idea for Just About Any Occasion


I recently attended the 5th annual Virginia Green Travel Conference. It was held at the LEED Gold Virginia Beach Convention Center. One of the attendees at the conference was someone from the Hilton Richmond Downtown. For those of you not familiar with the property, it is a historic hotel housed in the former Miller & Rhoads department store, an iconic building with over 100 years of history. Spanning an entire city block, the hotel boasts original features including marble floors and high ceilings.

The first thing the attendee did after introducing himself was hand me a 4˝ X 9˝ card entitled, “Did You Know What We Do for The Environment?” On that side of the card is listed many of the steps the hotel is taking to reduce energy, water and waste. For example: “Grease collection from kitchen helps fuel alternate fuel vehicles, with the help of Va Bioride.”

The flip side of the card was headlined, “Did You Know What We Do for the Community?” One example of an initiative listed: “Make a Wish—We host families as needed during their wish process.”

I thought the handout was a great idea and a quick way to learn about the property’s many green initiatives. I am sure the hotel uses the card during its sales efforts, but it can also be handed out at conferences, community events and other functions. Do you have something similar? If not, how do you quickly let someone know, in print, about your sustainability program?