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Highlights of New Amenity Company Releases, Innovations


NATIONAL REPORT—Green Lodging News recently reached out to its list of amenities providers, giving each of them an opportunity to submit a description and image of a new or existing product they would like to highlight. The following are the summaries submitted by four companies.

Asheville: A Modern Collection with a Natural Appeal

Asheville Collection

Eco-chic and versatile, the Asheville collection from FOH Worldwide adds a rustic yet modern touch to any presentation. Crafted from sustainable wood, each piece features a distinctive natural grain pattern for a look that’s earthy and unique. Choose from a range of sizes for the perfect display, from buffet stations to guestroom settings. The collection is designed to be cross-functional in use, offering an array of items that include raised boards, compartmentalized storage pieces, serving trays, tissue box covers, and more to complete and elevate your aesthetic. Contact Kaya Gross at (787) 874-4996 or by e-mail at kaya@foh.cc.

The DUO Mock Duvet Cover from Guest Supply

Innovation is at the core of our business at Guest Supply. The textile engineers at Manchester Mills designed the DUO Mock Duvet Cover Top of Bed System to improve ergonomic and operational efficiencies, allowing housekeeping to make the bed quicker and easier.

The DUO Mock Duvet Cover is to be paired with the Advantiva blanket to elevate the guest experience. When used together, the system provides the look of a traditional duvet cover with the ease of a top sheet, offering a contemporary and clean aesthetic to the room and ease of labor for housekeeping. Learn more and shop today.

Pineapple Hospitality Now Offering a Bespoke Coffee Program

Pineapple Hospitality is proud to offer a CYO coffee program! Create your own (CYO) brand is a great way to highlight YOUR branding. You can offer your favorite one in areas such as the guestroom, lobby, food service, and retail to provide a cohesive look and taste that represents your property! Choose from various formats, roasts, regions, and packaging. Please contact us for more information and a formal quote: Sales@pineapplehospitality.net or (636) 922-2285. Also view our amazing variety of luxury amenities here: https://www.pineapplehospitality.net/collections.html.

Hotel Emporium & For All Folks Join Forces to Craft a Luxurious Unisex Line of Amenities

Hotel Emporium, the leading direct manufacturer of premium hotel amenities, recently announced its partnership with For All Folks, a trailblazer in eco-friendly, vegan hair and body care marked by its focus on offering products that marry nature and science and appeal to all genders, offering value to each and every user. With formulations that set new standards for efficacy and environmental consciousness in the hospitality sector, this collaboration nods to the increasing user desire to play an active part in helping the planet. Click here for more information.

Sustainable Accessories—Kraft Paper from World Amenities

World Amenities introduces a new collection of eco-friendly amenities called Sustainable Accessories—Kraft Paper. Crafted with care, this collection aligns with your commitment to environmental consciousness. We offer customizable options for your unique brand identity. Join us in positively impacting the planet with these elegant, plastic-free alternatives. Sustainable in-room amenities redefine luxury in the hospitality industry, harmonizing it with environmental preservation. These items showcase the power of innovation and mindful choices. Contact sales@worldamenities.com or visit worldamenities.com for more details on these eco-conscious products.

Glenn Hasek can be reached at greenlodgingnews@gmail.com.