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Hastings Introduces In-Wall Soap Dispenser


NEW YORK—Hastings Tile & Bath, importers and distributors of contemporary bathroom products, has announced additions to VOLA’s award-winning Round Series of in-wall accessories for residential and hospitality bathrooms. The new electronic soap dispenser and cistern flush are built-in and aligned to the wall. They are also completely contact-free, using the latest technology to provide a clean experience.

The Round Series for the luxury washroom already features the built-in waste bin and the built-in tissue dispenser. Together with the classic VOLA hands-free tap (now available in a vertical configuration) and electronic cistern flush, the new soap dispenser takes the outer circle as the core of its design and translates it into a highly innovative product. Each element in the VOLA Round Series relates in form and geometry to the other elements in the room.

“VOLA’s aesthetic sense has always been about more than just simple design,” says Bob Gifford, director of bath products at Hastings Tile & Bath. “They look for ways to use technology to advance the design, which results in products that look deceptively simple, while containing the most forward-thinking technology in the marketplace.”

The new Round Series products include:

RS10 Soap Dispenser—This hands-free soap dispenser is based on the VOLA circle. Echoing the other products, it is aligned to the wall and the circular rim is available in polished chrome, stainless steel with black or white inserts. The dispenser’s built-in design is space-saving and keeps the washroom spotless.

RS83E Hands-free Cistern Flush—Like the soap dispenser, the brand-new VOLA cistern flush is aligned to the wall and totally contact-free. Two sensors, each contained in an understated circular design, sit side by side. One for a full flush, the other for a water-saving half flush—using the classic design language half circle. Alternatively, there is a single sensor option for full flush only. Harmonizing with the other Round Series products, the cistern flush comes in polished chrome, brushed chrome, polished brass, stainless steel and 15 different colors.

All VOLA products are available through Hastings Tile & Bath Showrooms in New York City and Chicago.

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