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Hampton Inn Jacksonville (N.C.) Installs M-Tech’s Preventive Maintenance Solution


MIAMI—The Hampton Inn-Jacksonville (N.C.) recently became the 750th lodging property to have M-Tech’s PMWorks preventive maintenance service installed as part of its overall property management solution. ASP-based PMWorks is powered by M-Tech’s HotSOS (Hotel Service Optimization System, pronounced hot sauce. PMWorks runs in a property’s regular Web browser and enforces enterprise-level standards to deliver a more consistent guest experience at all types of properties.

“This is yet another milestone representing the acceptance and success of our PMWorks service in the hospitality industry,” says Luis C. Segredo, president of Miami-based M-Tech. “We’re pleased and honored that the 750th hotel that chose to install PMWorks represents Hampton Inns, a brand known to both consumers and hotel professionals for its high quality standards, operational integrity and first-rate guest service and guest satisfaction.”

The 122-room Hampton Inn-Jacksonville, built in 1989, is operated by Alliance Hospitality, a Raleigh, N.C.-based management company with a portfolio of 42 properties in 13 states. The company’s stated management philosophy is to treat its resources as if they were its own, and it focuses on preventive maintenance as one of the key factors that contribute to a property’s economic success. Toward that end, Alliance Hospitality had the PMWorks service set up at the Hampton Inn-Jacksonville in February.

“We had been using a manual system at the Hampton Inn, but we wanted an automated system to assist in monitoring all aspects of maintenance,” says Rae Salling, Alliance Hospitality’s area director. “Corporate had previous experience with the PMWorks service and knew it to be a great tool for any hotel.”

Salling said management already is seeing benefits.

“The reports PMWorks produces are allowing us to start this year off in an organized manner when it comes to preventive maintenance,” she said. “I think this service will provide a great means by which to track problems with equipment, as well as provide the hotel’s owners with a track record of how well we have maintained their asset.”

Salling said she believes both guests and staff will benefit from the addition of the PMWorks system.

“PMWorks provides details on each preventive maintenance task that is needed on each item in the hotel, and this in turn will result in better-working items for our guests in their rooms,” she says. “For our staff, PMWorks sets them up for success as far as helping organize what requires attention and when it needs that attention, before the item needs repair.”

According to Clyde Edson, M-Tech’s national account manager, that’s precisely the philosophy behind the development of PMWorks.

“When you take care of your equipment or your furnishings on a regular basis, it keeps them bright, fresh and new,” Edson says. “Rather than fixing an item when it breaks, maintaining it before it deteriorates or fails saves engineers time, saves owners money and saves guests from having a potentially bad experience or adopting a false first impression of the hotel.”

Edson says that consistency in providing preventive maintenance is critical to preserving a hotel asset, and consistency also provides a better overall guest experience and prolongs the life of furnishings, fixtures and equipment. What many hotel operators do not realize, he says, is that an automated PM program like PMWorks helps to organize an engineering department and helps individual engineers and maintenance workers to be better time managers—and that can be nothing but good for a hotel’s bottom line.

“The icing on the cake is that PMWorks requires no added equipment at the property.” Edson says. “An e-mail account and a Web browser are all that is needed, and the engineer can actually use a phone to clear out the work orders. The service takes about two hours to set up and delivers an in-depth PM program that even includes reminders for fire, safety and other compliance items.”

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