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GreenWizard, USGBC Partner to Deliver LEED Automation


CHARLESTON, S.C.—GreenWizard, a Web-based solution designed to simplify building material selection and management, announced a technology partnership with U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), creators of the LEED green building program and LEED Online. This partnership enables users of GreenWizard and their LEED Assessment tools to easily sync up data and information with LEED Online, the software platform that manages the LEED green building certification process. Using the LEED Automation API, GreenWizard is the first product management solution to integrate with LEED Online, and this integration is the first step toward a fully automated process (called LEED Automation) for obtaining LEED certification.

“USGBC surveyed the competitive landscape of LEED workflow solutions looking for the providers that could really accelerate acceptance of LEED Online, and GreenWizard is a standout in the sector,” said Mahesh Ramanujam, USGBC’s COO. At the Toronto Greenbuild show, GreenWizard offered live demonstrations of its first LEED Online integration tool.

With GreenWizard’s capabilities, users can optimize LEED points by connecting GreenWizard LEED projects with their LEED Online projects in real-time; review LEED Online project credit information side by side with their LEED Credit Checklist; use GreenWizard’s integrated LEED assessment tools to measure progress against the LEED Online project goals; and update their LEED Online project credit Scorecard from their GreenWizard project.

“When USGBC set out to select new technology partners, we selected a very small group of elite providers who could provide LEED Online capabilities, while bringing some other extraordinary capability to the equation,” Mahesh Ramanujam said. “With GreenWizard, that ‘extraordinary capability’ is the company’s proven, cloud-based LEED workflow solution, and its unrivaled product database. We’re thrilled to have GreenWizard as a partner, and we suspect we’ll learn as much from GreenWizard as they will learn from USGBC.”

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